a simple no-nonsense approach

A Simple No-Nonsense Approach

There is no need to make driving a truck too complex and a simple no-nonsense approach will work most of …
Cummins are developing several alternatives

Cummins are Developing Several Alternatives

The road to zero carbon emissions is far from a certain route and technology companies like Cummins are developing several …
Brisbane down to Sydney with a fully loaded B-double

Brisbane Down to Sydney With a Fully Loaded B-double

The first serious test drive of the new Iveco S-Way for PowerTorque was on a run from Brisbane down to …
introducing the Iron Women drivers

Introducing the Iron Women Drivers

Volvo Trucks Australia is introducing the Iron Women drivers training program, in conjunction with Wodonga TAFE. It is a driver …
testing possible hydrogen technology

Testing Possible Hydrogen Technology

The Traton Group of truck makers, including MAN, Scania and International are testing possible hydrogen technology, PowerTorque asked global  MAN …
A Talent for Getting the Job Done

A Talent for Getting the Job Done

Amy Throckmorton was awarded the Rural Transport Rising Star award at the joint Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association/Livestock and …
The New, New Fatigue Management Plan

Why Telematics is the Key to EV Adoption in Southeast Asia

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are growing in popularity, and it’s clear they’ll play a major role in transport in Southeast Asia …

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Get the Zero Emissions Ball Rolling

Fix Our Rural Roads

what chain of responsibility?

What Chain of Responsibility?

kicking into the next gear

Kicking Into the Next Gear

helping to lighten the mental load

Helping Lighten the Mental Load

10 Tips for Choosing the Right Transport Management System

Best Video Stories

Top Innovation Award for MAN

Up and Down the Hill With Bill

First Drive in the New Scania Electric Heavy Truck

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the centre of gravity is moving constantly

The Centre of Gravity is Moving Constantly

diesel, electric and fuel cell from Hino and Fuso

Diesel, Electric and Fuel Cell From Hino and Fuso

acquisitions, updates and new programs

Acquisitions, Updates and New Programs


Rural Transport Out West

sixty years and counting

Sixty Years and Counting

a quartet of industry updates

A Quartet of Industry Updates

hydrogen ICE is in Blenners' sights

Hydrogen ICE is in Blenners’ Sights

contrasting the ancient and modern

Contrasting the Ancient and Modern

Two very different trucks to be seen sitting in Campeys of Selby’s yard in North Yorkshire serve as an illustration …
finding talent

Finding Talent

The Emerald Carrying Company business uses over 100 trucks and employs over 200 drivers, but the family-owned business struggles, like …
quest to drive down CO2 emissions

Quest to Drive Down CO2 Emissions

Campeys of Selby in North Yorkshire wanted to go down the gas route in its quest to drive down CO2 …
pushing the envelope on trucks

Pushing the Envelope on Trucks

The longest runs with fuel for the Emerald Carrying Company Townsville depot are those where the highest productivity vehicles are …
day in day out to keep commodities moving

Day In Day Out to Keep Commodities Moving

Trucking and logistics are the backbone of Australia, working day in day out to keep commodities moving so that Australians …