Cummins unveil a hydrogen combustion engine

Cummins Unveil a Hydrogen Combustion Engine

The recent Advanced Clean Transportation Expo event in California saw Cummins unveil a hydrogen combustion engine. 
there is nothing like a V8 truck

There is Nothing Quite Like a V8 Truck

If these videos prove anything at all, then they clearly indicate, there is nothing like a V8 truck. That sound …
safety, supply, shifting and celebrating

Safety, Supply, Shifting and Celebrating

This week sees a number of announcements from around the truck and trucking industry, which can be summarised as including …
looking overseas to recruit truck technicians

Looking Overseas to Recruit Truck Technicians

As part of its long-term strategic plan to address the national shortage of skilled heavy vehicle mechanics Hino Australia has …
another new electric truck brand goes into production

Another New Electric Truck Brand Goes Into Production

New UK truck factories are as rare as hen teeth, but PowerTorque’s European Correspondent, Will Shiers, was pleased to visit …
cars cause truck crashes

Cars Cause Truck Crashes 

The fact of the matter is, cars cause truck crashes most of the time, the stats tell us more than …
is this the new normal?

Is This the New Normal?

As life begins to return to normal, the Livestock and Rural Transporter Association of Queensland held its annual conference on …
the more industry issues change, the more they stay the same

The More Industry Issues Change, the More They Stay the Same

If you want to shape the future, don’t forget the past, says Warren Clark, NatRoad CEO. in this look at …




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using on-board mass to get more mass on-board

Using On-Board Mass to Get More Mass On-Board

George Transport is based in Lake Goldsmith in Victoria, halfway between Ballarat and Ararat, in the heart of the large …
weighing up the alternatives

Weighing Up The Alternatives

Running an efficient bulk transport operation can be a tricky job, there is a need to work on weighing up …
getting horse logistics just right

Getting Horse Logistics Just Right

On the outskirts of Toowoomba is an area populated with plenty of horse breeders and trainers, and nestled just off …
Real World Coupling Testing Program

Managing His Very Own Trucking Company

Troy Carroll has made the transition from managing two-wheelers to 22-wheelers like a duck to water, and is now managing …
a very steep learning curve

A Very Steep Learning Curve 

Deciding to quit Moto-cross after a successful career as both rider and team manager was the start of a very …
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