You Can’t Begin to Change the Game Without a Coach

You Can’t Begin to Change the Game Without a Coach

“Conflict is inevitable. Combat is optional.” These words, attributed to author Max Lucado, might help take the sting out of what can be one of the most challenging duties of transport managers—the coaching conversation.


One reason a manager may find coaching difficult is that the drivers they need to coach often are peers or former peers. When we need to have that challenging exchange, or give negative feedback, our words and anxiety can get in the way.

DriveRisk provides and supports you with a three-step approach to proactive coaching. It really is as easy as one, two, three.

  1. First, you need to discover the driver behaviours present in your operations. To take a proactive approach to safety, you do not need to reinvent the wheel. With the help of video-based safety technology, commercial fleets gain clarity and insight quickly.
    A video telematics program, such as DriveRisk’s Driver Safety Program, can help by capturing events with the Lytx DriveCam Event Recorders. Events are triggered when collision leading behaviours occurs, and video is captured. The insight that video provides empower drivers and managers to protect themselves, their vehicles, and their brand.
  1. Using data combined with video insights enables a meaningful conversation to coach drivers to change their risky driving behaviours early. Once you’re aware of your drivers’ unsafe habits, you can use the data that a video telematics program provides to coach drivers on those behaviours, whether it is cell phone use or poor intersection awareness tailgating.
    Having access to data from a video telematics program empowers coaches to quickly identify opportunities for improvement among their drivers and hold them accountable in positive ways. Having that conversation in a meaningful, impartial, and effective manner makes a significant difference, as drivers are often unaware that they are driving with risky behaviours. By reviewing the video clip with them and bringing it to their attention, coaches can promote drivers’ professional development while increasing their awareness.Proactive coaching on unsafe driving behaviours before a collision occurs has many benefits. It allows fleets to better manage their risk, protects their brand and reputation and create continuous improvement among their drivers. A systematic focus that adds continuous training to its culture reaps dividends long term, as well as short. Ongoing incremental improvement from driver coaching is the one-off, if not the best way to achieve positive results when it comes to safety. Like a sports team where a coach instils disciplines around technique and game tactics, safety needs to be practiced, valued, and reinforced constantly. For a driver coach or trainer assuming that safety training is done once the session is complete is a common mistake, it is never finished. Changing behaviour is an ongoing process and must be consistent and positive. Proactive coaching is always more cost-effective than the cost of a vehicle repair claim. Our clients with heavy vehicles see an ROI (Return on Investment) of between $2 and $5 to $1.
  1. Reduce risky driving events. Proactive coaching helps keep safety top of mind for drivers. A recent University study on the DriveCam Safety Program, for example, showed that the program can positively impact driver and fleet safety.
    Results globally indicated that the DriveCam Safety Program can prevent more than 25,000 commercial vehicle collisions and approximately 40,000 injuries annually, making roads safer for all motorists. Specifically, the study estimated that more than 800 lives could be saved each year through video-based driver safety technology.

As your drivers improve in performance, you will start seeing less frequent and less severe risky behaviour-based driving events. A natural consequence of the reduction in risk is reduced vehicle incidents and costly repairs, investigation and legal bills.
It is no coincidence – it is proactive coaching at its finest.

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