Working Out Complex Light Duty Options

working out complex light duty options

The market for vehicles with a GVM between 3.5 and 7 tonnes is quite complicated, potential ute/van/truck buyers will spend their time working out complex light duty options to find a transport solution to fit their task.

Handling a transport task at the lower end of the truck license limit can be carried out by a wide selection of vehicles. The limitations of mass, engine power, load restraint, distance are all factors in the decision to choose any particular vehicle.

Each choice has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are many ways to skin a cat, as they say. However, one of the options, which can often be overlooked, is one of the most flexible, with a very wide spread of specification parameters, and that is the simple van or chassis cab, and one of those with the most options available is the Iveco Daily.

PowerTorque took the opportunity to take a couple of examples of the product Iveco have on the market around the streets and suburbs of Melbourne, to get reacquainted with the model as is available today. 

working out complex light duty options

Driving the 2019 model is not an invalid test as most aspects of this model are going to be carried over into the next model to reach Australia, either in late 2022 or early 2023. It will be using the same three litre engine and most of the central systems on the van will be retained as they are in the current 2019 model. 

Essentially, the next iteration of the Daily to arrive will be a face-lifted version of the current model. It will have a different look, body panels and grille will be modified.

working out complex light duty options

Driving Experience

The models tested were both fitted with the 210hp engine, although there is a 180 hp available. Both are Euro6 compliant use both EGR and SCR to control emissions. 

One of the innovations a few years back was the introduction of the Hi-Matic 8HP70L transmission. This is an eight-speed ZF Torque Converter Automatic, which is flexible and responsive and takes the need to intervene away from the driver completely. 

On the 210hp 210EVID engine from Iveco, on which the auto is standard. The auto is optional on the 180hp engine, with a standard six-speed synchro box. On the evidence of this test, the auto is a no-brainer, unless you need a PTO, in which case, the manual is the option needed. Anyone wanting both the PTO and the auto will have to wait for the next iteration of the Daily, due later this year. 

working out complex light duty options

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