Working in an Invisible Industry

working in an invisible industry

There are a couple of articles on PowerTorque this week around a similar theme, and that is one we return to again and again, it’s all about working in an invisible industry. The only time the trucking industry becomes visible is when something goes wrong, the news is nearly always bad, when it’s about trucking.

That is why I was gently cheered by a couple of things this week, one of which was the videos by Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds, trying to get people to understand just what we do.

The other was an email from a transport worker in the Netherlands. He works in the industry, but is trying to get Lego to produce a logistics based Lego set. Which will be a recognition by one of the most visible brands in the world of one of the most invisible industries, even though it’s an important part of society. 

This is what Thomas Geurts has to say:

“I need 10.000 votes in total for the Lego Group to consider this as an official set.

“Transport is one of the most important sectors there is, everyone needs stuff and that stuff has to get there!

“Working in logistics myself, I wanted to create something that would be a good and nice representation of it. I did limit myself to a single 32×32 baseplate because I think it would be too big for the average Lego fan otherwise, as well as simply impractical to place.

“‘Transport Inc.’ has a drivers’ reception in the office on the ground floor for the drivers to report when coming to load/unload. They can either walk back outside to the truck or go into the warehouse via the interior door. The office has a single well-equipped desk for the employee.

“Above the office, on the second floor, is the canteen where employees and drivers can enjoy a cup of coffee and eat their sandwiches. Some papers are available to read the news on break time.

“The warehouse has a multi-story pallet-rack. Several pallets are stored at this time. The docked truck can be loaded with the hand-pallet-truck as soon as the forklift has taken the pallets down. Two docks are available.

“The structure is fully modular. The roof for warehouse and office-section can be lifted off. Both floors of the office-section can be removed separately. And for easiest access the complete left wall of the warehouse can be taken out in one go.

“I have included 4 employees for Transport Inc as well as a driver of the truck currently at the dock.”

Just take a couple of minutes of your time and vote for a positive story about trucking here. 

working in an invisible industry

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