Who let the dogs out? One UK transport firm so they can deliver when its snowing

A British transport company is taking the delivering in rain, hail and snow to a new dimension with its novel new trial using huskies to deliver packages during heavy snow.HuskiesStPauls

The firm plans to trial huskies and sleds around London as a way to keeping deliveries going.

The trial will be conducted in collaboration with its four-legged friends from sled dog adventure firm, Arctic Quest, on the streets of London.

The CEO Patrick Gallagher was quoted saying: “We need to make sure we are ready for every eventuality and using the dogs during the snowy Christmas period in 2010 would certainly have helped reduce disruption in areas affected by the adverse conditions.

“Additionally, we hope our four legged friends bring a smile to people’s faces during the festive period and beyond!”

“While we can’t say that we’re quite ready for a fully-fledged husky fleet, we do believe that being open-minded and innovative when developing contingency plans is the best way to ensure that whatever the weather or scenario, we can still deliver,” he said.

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