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Which watch?

It was bound to happen eventually, the arrival of the new wearable mobile technology coming into the trucking industry, but it’s alright, Australia won’t be getting it for a long time.


The new Scania Black Griffin Watch has been developed from a driver training tool called the Wickit, which was created by Scania and Sony. The Wickit uses tablet computers to communicate with trucks to show instructors how drivers are operating their vehicles.


Information about fuel consumption, driving behaviour and average speeds are just some of the things that can be displayed on the watch.


“We’re sitting on a lot of data,” said Mattias Lundholm is Head of Scania’s Connected Services and Solutions team. “And we thought, ‘how can we use this data outside the normal contexts?’. We also wanted to test new media, and wearables fit right into this. I don’t think there is any risk at all in launching this watch. I think we would have taken a risk by not launching it, as our competitors may launch similar things and then two or three years down the line we would be left behind. Now we are being proactive.”


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