Wheel Alignment Benefits

wheel alignment benefits

The cost of tyres and fuel are two major operating costs for a business, wheel alignment benefits help operators to avoid costly and in some cases unnecessary replacements due to incorrect wheel alignment.

Using wheel alignment testing can contribute to reducing operational costs, it is also something which will benefit safety outcomes within a fleet. Correctly aligned wheels ensure both the safety and longevity of tyres which is a win/win for all operators.

Trucks are different from one another and manufactured with a specific toe angle, be it neutral, toe-in or toe-out. Settings can deteriorate and irregular tyre wear can result from this lack of adjustment due to:

  • worn components
  • damaging road conditions (pot holes, curbs, debris etc
  • heavy braking
  • a shift in load position

Any irregularity in tyre wear and wheel alignment can result in:

  • decreased tyre lifespan
  • poor fuel economy
  • annoying/potentially dangerous steering wheel vibration
  • abnormal component wear due to vibration

Here is an example of how these fuel cost savings can play out for a typical operator:

  • Distance travelled per annum: 200,000 km
  • Diesel fuel price: $1.55/litre
  • Fuel consumption: 2.5 litres/km
  • Fuel cost reduction thanks to wheel alignment: conservatively, approximately 3 per cent

Total wheel alignment benefits:

  • 0.03 x 200,000 x 1.55 x 0.4 = $ 3,720 per year, per truck

This kind of improvement can lead to:

  • Increased fuel economy (up to 7.5 per cent)
  • Increased tyre life (up to 10 per cent improvement in tyre wear)
  • Reduced mechanical breakdowns
  • Safer driving and comfort


wheel alignment benefits

Most wheel alignment machines incorporate very easy to use guided software. Specifically, the Italian engineered and manufactured RAVTD8060/VARCOMBO Combined Truck & Car Wheel Aligner, is the first of its kind.

Offering the best of both worlds, the RAVTD8060/VARCOMBO is a versatile wheel aligner complete with all accessories to service both heavy commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles.

Bluetooth transmission between front heads and the cabinet and infrared transmission between sensor heads result in the ability to operate the system from any head.

Requiring minimal space, the Ravaglioli RAVTD8060/VARCOMBO is an accurate asset in the commercial vehicle workshop situation.

This system is exclusively distributed in Australia and New Zealand by the Alemlube Workshop Equipment and Fitouts division offering expert advice, installation and maintenance services from experienced automotive industry professionals.


wheel alignment benefits