What Truck Drivers Put Up With Every Day

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This video is culled from collected dash cam footage by Terry Sanders simply to demonstrate what truck drivers put up with every day.

It’s a good collection of the type of rubbish which happens on our roads all over the country. It also demonstrates what it looks like from the truck driver’s point of view. 

Since this went up on YouTube two months ago, it has had nearly 100,000 views, which is excellent. It is a great way to get the message out there to those who have no idea about how to act around a truck.

The video has gleaned 283 comments, mostly in support of the views expressed by Terry, all of which are delivered in a low calm voice with no hint of aggression. This is the way truckies have to deal with this kind of behaviour. Going off your head like the car driver with a knife is the last thing we need to see on our roads. 

One of the comments reports that the aggressive car driver did go to court and was fined with a good behaviour bond in place. There is just no room for this kind of aggression being introduced into an already fraught situation.

Talk to any truck driver and they will tell you about countless occasions stuff like this has happened to them, it has become part of their life. Talk to the car drivers about this kind of stuff and they are either unaware of the mayhem they have caused, or will tell you the truck driver was at fault.

It is difficult to work out exactly where this lack of respect for truckies and this absolute failure to recognise the fact that something at 26m long and weighing over 60 tonnes is going to make mincemeat of a car at around 1500kg comes from.

Is there a solution? Well, calm and collected commentary by old mate Terry appearing on YouTube is a start.

what truck drivers put up with every day

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