What are the politicians doing for trucking this election?

G242GThe election has finally been called and will be held on September 7. While both parties are releasing policy the Federal Coalition has released a policy statement confirming it will abolish the carbon tax if it wins the September 7 election.

The Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, said the Coalition would, if elected, take immediate steps to abolish the tax.

“On day one, I will instruct the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet to draft legislation that repeals the carbon tax and to have the legislation ready within one month,” Mr Abbott said.

“Within the first month, the Cabinet will approve legislation to repeal the carbon tax. On the very first day of a new Parliament, the Coalition will introduce legislation to repeal the carbon tax,” he said.

The Labor Government plans to extend the carbon tax to the fuel used by the trucking industry. Under Labor’s plan, trucking operators would pay an extra 1.6 cents per litre in fuel tax from 1 July 2014.

ATA Chairman David Simon said the Government’s plan was a great improvement on its original one, a fuel tax increase of 6.858 cents per litre, but it was still a tax hike that many trucking businesses could not afford.

“The ATA is calling on the Labor Government to announce it would, if elected, drop its plan to extend the carbon tax to truck fuel,” Mr Simon said.

The ATA’s election website has fact sheets about the key election issues for the trucking industry. You can also have your say or send a letter to Australia’s political leaders. Later in the campaign, the ATA will release a report card on how the parties compare.

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