Westport develop new LNG on-board storage solution

Westport Innovations has announced a unique on-board storage solution that provides best in class performance for vehicles using liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The new Westport LNG Tank System, will be available in 120 and 150 gallon capacities (454 to 567 litre), is optimised for spark ignited (SI) engines and begins shipping by mid-2013. The Westport LNG Tank System features proprietary Westport technology and is expected to provide customers with the ability to fuel even the largest SI engines on a single tank and deliver extended range.

Existing LNG systems require two tanks but with this new innovation only one tank will be needed for the same amount of fuel reducing the overall cost and weight of the system.

The 120 gallon or 150 gallon (454 to 567 litre) single-tank systems can run for approximately 350 to 450 miles (563 to 724 km), respectively, on cold (unsaturated) LNG fuel. Those ranges double for dual-tank configurations.

Westport say compared to existing compressed natural gas (CNG) options, a single 150 gallon Westport LNG Tank System takes the place of three standard CNG tanks, lowering fuel storage costs and reducing overall vehicle weight by approximately 600 lbs (272 kg). Additionally, LNG has shorter
refuelling times compared to CNG.

It can also carry both cold and warm LNG. By carrying fuel as cold LNG, the Westport LNG Tank System can increase fuel storage times and improve vehicle range by up to 10 percent.

A universal system design allows for any original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to integrate.

“Our early production systems tested with the Cummins Westport ISX12 G in a Peterbilt 384 truck have proven to have excellent performance characteristics and superior operating results on a single tank,” said Steve Anderson, Westport HD Vice President of Business Development.

“We believe this is the only on-board fuel system for LNG-fuelled engines that can operate on a single tank using range-extending cold LNG.”

“Thanks to the flexibility and range of the Westport LNG Tank System, fleet operators can now use the same cold LNG and technology across their fleet in a range of vehicle and engine sizes,” said Mr Anderson.

The new system begins shipping by mid-2013.


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