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Western Star Trucks’ Show n Shine Success!

Penske Commercial Vehicles hosted Western Star Trucks’ Show n Shine on Saturday with a multitude of trucks on display !

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Western Star Trucks brand, the Show n Shine held at the Mt Cotton Training Centre, had a mulitude of  trucks on display to be judged with over $50,000 worth of prizes awarded across a range of categories, including KS Easter’s customised 200th truck which took out both the ‘Truck of the Show’ and the ‘Best Western Star under 5 years’ awards.

“It was a fantastic day seeing all the Western Star and White trucks on display looking their best!” said Kevin Dennis, Managing Director of Penske Commercial Vehicles.

“We know how passionate Western Star owners are, so it was a pleasure to host the Show n Shine and have such a great turnout of owners and drivers and their families and friends.

Show and Shine award winners:

Truck of the Show
K S Easter
Western Star 4800FXB ‘200th’ truck

Best Western Star under 5 years (1-5 years)
K S Easter
Western Star 4800FXB ‘200th’ truck

Best Western Star under 10 years (5-10 years)
Corbet’s Group
Western Star 4900 truck

Best Western Star over 10 years (10 & beyond)
North QLD Truck & Machinery Movements
Western Star 4800FXC ‘PhatCat’ truck

Best Western Star Fleet
K S Easter
Western Star 4800FXBs and 5800 trucks

Best Western Star Tipper
Vince Humphreys
Western Star 4800 truck

Best Heritage White Truck
TRN Haulage
White Road Commander

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