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The Toowoomba Showgrounds hosted the second annual Western Star Trucks Show and Shine event, with support from Penske Commercial Vehicles’ selling dealer, Pengelly Truck and Trailers.
Entrants were judged across various categories with the ‘Truck of the Show’ award presented to North Queensland Truck and
Machinery Movements’ ‘Phatcat’ 4800.
Supporting the event were Shell V‐Power Racing drivers Fabian Coulthard and Scott McLaughlin, and music performances by Mick Lindsay and Troy Cassar‐Daley who proved to be a strong drawcard for the 500 attendees, as were
musicians Troy Cassar‐Daley and Mick Lindsay who put on a rocking show to end the fabulous day!
Show and Shine award winners:

Truck of the Show
North Queensland Truck and Machinery Movements’ ‘Phat cat’
Best Western Star under 5 years (1‐5 years)
Brown Linehaul
Best Western Star under 10 years (5‐10 years)
Mansell Heavy Towing
Best Western Star over 10 years (10 & beyond)
Big Truck Parts
Best Western Star Fleet
Case Linehaul
Best Western Star Rigid
Mansell Heavy Towing
Best Heritage Truck
Heavy Haulage Assets

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