Weighing systems white paper published

Leading scale manufacturer Mettler Toledo has published a white paper on its website titled Reliable Vehicle Weighing Helps Protect Profits. The document describes the ways that new scale technologies can help eliminate costly downtime for trucks and lower overall maintenance costs.
According to Mettler Toledo, many traditional scales have integral weaknesses in their construction and can be hampered by environmental issues such as lightning strikes or animals damaging cables. In addition, they are prone to factors such as weighing instability, calibration creep and non-linearity. In other words, traditional scales that cannot alert operators to any inaccuracies or compensate for them will continue to produce weighing errors for long periods of time.
To combat these issues, the white paper suggests a range of technologies that are now being used to produce reliable and accurate measurements. The introduction of microprocessors in load cells, for example, can reduce internal and external influences on vehicle weighing scales. Load cells that transmit strong digital signals and provide self-diagnostics ensure accuracy is maintained.
Reliability can be also improved through the physical design of load cells; incorporating elements such as heavy-duty stainless steel construction, the elimination of junction boxes which can allow sensitive electronics to be affected by moisture, and double shielded cables that are resistant to wear, rodent damage and lightning strikes.

The white paper highlights how a company can expect to see a return on investment by upgrading scales or introducing new high-tech weighing systems that provide better accuracy and avoid downtime.
The elimination of unplanned service events can result in significant savings and productivity increases that continue to grow throughout the life of a reliable, fully supported vehicle scale solution, Mettler Toledo asserts.

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