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MACK Granites are the solution for Australian Weighing Equipment. 

It’s one thing to have standard weights and measure requirements, but in order to have total faith in the subsequent measurement there has to be an effective system in place to provide the checks and balances that validate the equipment used for confirming loads.

Australian Weighing Equipment (AWE) provides just such a validation service to endorse the correct operation of weighbridges and load sensors. With depots in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, AWE services an industry through providing confirmed test weights that can be placed on all forms of weighing equipment to validate their accuracy.

“We have specific test weight masses available that we transport to a test site to confirm the accuracy of weighbridges and load cells used in a variety of applications,” said Tim Baillie company director of AWE.

“As well as the typical weighbridge installation, we also have specialised equipment that can be used underground for some of the national organisations that require accurate measurement in the mining and water resources industries,” he added.

In order to transport the load masses to test sites, AWE is operating three MACK trucks, comprising one 6×4 Trident prime mover with a sleeper cab and one 6×4 Trident day-cab rigid tipper and dog trailer combination. The third member of the trio is a special-build Granite 8×4 day-cab prime mover with an extended chassis and eight airbag rear suspension. This unit was designed specifically for weighbridge assessment and confirmation to suit a 19-metre, PBS-compliant combination.

The MACK eight-wheeler is fitted with an EFFER 100 4S truck-mounted crane, which is capable of handling a load of 3360 kg at an angle of 81 degrees and with a reach of 2.43 metres. At maximum reach of 12.34 metres the peak load is 580 kg while operating at a height up to reach of 15.9 metres. EFFER Cranes are imported from Italy to Australia by Cranetech Australia and distributed in Sydney through Nabil Fahmy of ROC Hydraulics of Arndell Park.

Both the Tridents and the Granite feature the 12.8-litre MACK MP8 engine and these are rated at 400 kW (535 hp) and 372 kW (500 hp) respectively. This is classified as a Euro5 emissions-compliant engine, using SCR (selective catalytic reduction) and AdBlue.

Maximum GCM for each of the trucks is 70,000 kg with peak torque rated at 2630 Nm for the Tridents and 2550 Nm for the Granite. The driveline for each truck features the 12-speed mDRIVE automated manual transmission.

All three units were supplied through the MACK Trucks dealership at Huntingwood with the assistance of salesman David Lynch.

“The dealership was particularly helpful by enabling a special custom-build, whereas other competitive makes were relying on the adaptation of existing models to achieve the degree of suitability we require,” said Tim.

The three MACK trucks are based individually at the three depots, providing flexibility where needed for specific weighing capability validation. With a GCM extending to 70 tonne, the Granite can be configured as a 6×4, an 8×4 or a 10×4 chassis.

Service and maintenance schedules are looked after in a seven-year programme operated with Mack Trucks of Huntingwood, based on an annual distance travelled of just 60-70,000 km a year per vehicle.

The AWE Group is a well-known specialist in the industrial weighing, bulk handling and packing industries as well as for the manufacture of custom weighing systems for applications with forklifts, tele-handlers, bulk silo and tank storage and distribution requirements.

The engineering services division designs and manufactures weighing systems, packaging machinery and bulk handling systems, with the packaging machinery division providing equipment for filling, sealing and palletising production plant lines.

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