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Voting time for transport operators

Voter registrations and nominations are now open for the 2013 Australian Trucking Association election.?In this election, owner drivers and the operators of small trucking fleets will elect two representatives to the ATA General Council, which sets the ATA’s policy direction on key issues like safety, professionalism and operator viability.

If you own, are purchasing or leasing 1-5 trucks over 4.5 tonnes and are on the Commonwealth Electoral Roll, this is a critical opportunity to have your voice heard about the industry’s future. You do not need to be a member of an ATA member organisation to vote.

For the first time in an ATA election, you can register to vote online, making it quicker and easier than ever before to sign up toelect your representatives. A printable voter registration form is also available.

Owner drivers and small fleet operators who want to help build the industry’s future are invited to nominate for one of the two positions.

To become a candidate for the single truck owner driver position, you must own, be purchasing or leasing one truck over 4.5 tonnes and drive it. For the small fleet position, you must own, be purchasing or leasing 2-5 trucks over 4.5 tonnes. Candidates must be members of an ATA member organisation.

Voter registrations and nominations close on 11 February 2013. If there are more candidates than vacancies, there will be an election by postal ballot.

Register to vote now

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