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It’s not just the truck makers who are coming up with new concepts at the IAA Truck Show in Hannover, this week. Iveco has its Vision concept van on the stand, showcasing future technologies and improved safety and environmental outcomes in design.


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At the heart of the Iveco Vision is the Dual Energy system, using two different types of power. One is electric only, with zero local emissions and low noise levels. The other is hybrid for longer journeys driving on the highways. The hybrid is claimed to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions by up to 25 per cent.


The Vision has a specific transfer system, coupling the electric motor to the drive shafts, as the van self-adapts to the most suitable power source. The hybrid mode improves vehicle speed and overall range, while the electric mode allows unrestricted, no-emission access into busy metropolitan areas.


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The project focused on the development of three new areas of design. One, is an adaptive Human/Machine Interface, the second, looking for total visibility and, thirdly, a new fully automatic system for load management.


The Vision is equipped with a high-integration tablet computer, which communicates with the on-board electronics.


The van includes large glazed areas and ‘see-through’ A pillars giving unrestricted visibility forward from the cabin. Images from a rear mounted camera are displayed on a panoramic screen on top of the windscreen.


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The load management system is based on a series of sensors which identify the goods and then indicate the correct positioning of these within the vehicle interior. It also controls devices which prevent the movement of larger packages. Beside protecting valuable goods from damage and improved space management, the system also makes loading and unloading faster.

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