VicRoads Superload

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This load seems to have been called the VicRoads Superload for some reason. The reason being the Victorian road authority supervised the massive move from Gippsland through several Melbourne suburbs to the Port of Melbourne and a waiting ship. The actual operator doing the job was Lampsons.

AGL Power in Gippsland needed to tranport a power generator to Port Melbourne so it could be shipped to Germany for repairs. Heavy haulage was the only option. From February 1 until the early hours of February 4, starting at it’s base in Gippsland, the 108 metre convoy slowly made it’s way to Port Melbourne. Traveling at 20 km per hour, the Melbourne suburban section was undertaken at night to minimise traffic disruption.

Here is the load starting out on its long haul across from there Latrobe Valley to the outskirts of Melbourne:

VicRoads came up with a professionally mad highlights package:


The load brought out the crowds to watch this spectacular move. There is something fascinating about the sheer size and weight being moved. The locals cheered and clapped when the whole combination made it through a difficult junction. A much friendlier reception than trucks often get in other Melbourne suburbs. The public can understand the need to move a monster load, but don’t understand the need to restock supermarkets, export goods and build infrastructure using trucks.



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