Van Ryt Industries is a boutique commercial landscaping operation based in Western Australia. Leading into COVID-19, Ben wasn’t sure if his services would be high in demand from businesses across WA.

Thankfully, even with the pandemic, building works haven’t stopped, and with WA navigating the phases of easing COVID-19 restrictions, the phones haven’t stopped ringing for Van Ryt Industries. This meant that Ben and his team have had one of their busiest months—and thankfully, Ben’s business emergency plans could stay shelved.

Elaborate and complex in nature, building nature playgrounds have posed some difficult and strange jobs for Ben and his team. Ben recounts a demanding project he was contracted to a year ago, which involved a giant log two metres in diameter.

“This log, it was just over two metres in diameter and about six metres long. The architect had the idea of boring out the middle of the log and putting a steel sleeve inside as a tunnel, complete with some windows,” Ben said.

“That pretty much meant that I and three of my guys were carefully cutting out hand-sized portions of the log with chainsaws for the best part of a month. Spending 10-hour days on a chainsaw, it was labor intensive. It was quite an amazing project.”

To build playgrounds safe for children, the materials used need to adhere to high quality and safety standards. Because of this, Van Ryt utilises jarrah wood, which is termite-resistant and native to Western Australia. But as a heavy wood, jarrah is difficult to transport. This became a big factor in Ben’s decision to upgrade to an Isuzu truck.

Ben explained further and said, “The biggest challenge we had was that I had always gone with another Japanese brand ute-and-trailer kind of deal, which is a common set-up in the residential market.

“But I was outgrowing it, with the kind of materials I needed to carry. From the commercial side of things, I wanted something a bit more suitable.

“My old man is a mobile mechanic and knows a lot about trucks, having dealt with them in the past. He was raving about Isuzu being the reliable workhorse of the truck market and I take his word as gospel on this kind of stuff.”

After driving past an Isuzu NPR 45-155 AMT Tradepack with Isuzu’s genuine bull bar two years ago, Ben said to himself, “Yep, that’s me for sure.”

Coupled with the genuine bullbar, the aesthetic of the Isuzu truck cemented Ben’s decision to purchase the NPR Tradepack.

“The Isuzu presents as a really neat truck on top of being the workhorse it is. “

The NPR 45-155 Tradepack belongs to Isuzu’s popular pre-bodied Ready-to-Work range, which means Ben didn’t need to wait for a custom body to be built… But the truck still had all the application-specific features he needed.

With a heavy-duty aluminium tray, heavy-duty galvanised ladder racks, integrated load restraint anchor points, removable drop sides and rear tailgate, as well as a genuine Isuzu bullbar and a 3,500 kg rated towbar, the Tradepack was made to perfectly answer the requirements of the job.

With 4,500 kg GVM and 8,000 kg GCM, with 114 kW @ 2,600 rpm and a flat 419 Nm @ 1,500–2,600 rpm, the NPR 45-155 Tradepack packs a punch. Alongside the Tradepack carrying all the tools, Ben has installed a 1.5-tonne crane on the back to assist in moving jarrah wood around the worksite.

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