Using Your Head When Replacing a Drive Head

using your head when replacing a drive head

Like all of the major components in a truck the rear axle is under a lot of pressure throughout its working life and Meritor recommend using your head when replacing a drive head.

Under the Meritor GeNEWine Carrier Program replacement drive heads (carriers) supplied by Meritor Australia are manufactured in the same factory as the original equipment using 100 per cent genuine parts and come with the latest design updates. For added peace of mind they’re also covered by a full, 12 month, unlimited km nationwide warranty.

For over 50 years Meritor Australia have been keeping vehicles on the road by offering a full range of replacement drive head ratios to the market.  Their range covers many European, Australian-built and American heavy duty trucks and if the ratio a customer wants is not in stock a free ratio change will be offered.

The actual replacement procedure will depend on the axle and drive head in question, but when the replacement is complete there are a number of checks which are vital before operating the vehicle. This checklist must be followed, otherwise there is a risk of an early failure of the drive head when it is returned to operation.

It is vital to completely clean the inside of the axle housing cavity. The person carrying out the replacement will need to check and clean wheel end equipment for any metal debris and also check the output shaft assembly and bearings for any metal debris.

At this point the technician will need to check both forward and rear axle ratios to ensure that they do actually match.

Next, the technician should tighten the yoke/flange nuts and all fasteners to the correct torque values. Check for any end play within the pinion bearings at the yoke/flange area on the rear drive head of a tandem or on the yoke/flange area of a single drive axle carrier. The technician will need to refer to the maintenance manual for precise settings.

using your head when replacing a drive head

When these tasks have been completed it is time to fill the axle with the correct amount and type of lubricant. For the correct lubricant, again, refer to the maintenance manual of the particular axle.

If the new drive that has been fitted has a differential with a diff lock, it is important that the manual lock bolt is removed from the cylinder and stowed in its correct position. For this correct positioning refer to the maintenance manual for this axle.

The next stage is to follow the 5km/40km/h break-in procedure. For this the vehicle needs to be tested in an unloaded condition. After completing the procedure, re-check lubricant levels, fasteners and for any oil leakage.

After the new drive head has completed 5000 km in operation it is important to drain and replace the oil and also the oil filter.

For more information on Meritor drive heads please contact your local Meritor Driveforce representative or the customer service team on (+613) 8358 6050 or visit

using your head when replacing a drive head