SANY concrete pumping equipment joins the Gough Transport Solutions stable – Words by Ed Higginson, images by Geoff Parrington. 

The Gough Group is New Zealand and Australia’s leading value-add solutions provider to the infrastructure, mining, forestry, transport and power system industries. It’s a diverse group made up of five trading subsidiaries incorporating ten distinct businesses, and, as a privately-owned New Zealand business, it draws on a rich heritage stretching back over 80 years.

With more than 850 highly-skilled employees and a network of over 50 locations in both Australia and New Zealand, the Gough Group represents premium brands such as Caterpillar, Hyster, SAF, WABCO and Palfinger.

With the signing of an exclusive dealership agreement for SANY concrete equipment in New Zealand and Australia, the Gough Group has formed a new business unit named Gough Industrial Solutions. This enables the group to offer the concrete and infrastructure industries a true 360-degree solution, with batch plants, agitators and concrete pumps.

“Gough Industrial Solutions Australia has made a Trans-Tasman commitment to SANY to build a partnership based on quality, service and technology, and is leveraging off the Gough Group’s 30+ years of concrete experience in New Zealand to deliver service, spare parts and responsive support through the Australian market,” said Simon Bell, Gough Transport Solutions’ general manager of sales and marketing.

“With SANY’s Concrete Division purchase of Putzmeister in 2012, SANY has integrated Sino-Germany technology featuring top performance, wide adaptability, easy operation, high efficiency and reliability.

“Our range of truck-mounted concrete pumps, trailer pumps, line pumps, placing booms, truck mixers, batching plants and mortar pumps meets the unique business demands of our clients. It’s the high level German quality standards integrated into the SANY robust design that separate the brand from its rivals. Gough Industrial has no doubt that recent sales success in Australia and New Zealand will translate into a rapidly increasing market share,” Simon added.

With 25 manufacturing bases and over 100 offices worldwide, including China, the US, Germany, India and Brazil, SANY is the world’s number-one manufacturer of concrete machinery. Its products are exported to 150 countries and regions worldwide, and, now with the experience, network and facilities of the Gough Group, SANY’s introduction to Australia will be of interest to a broad range of operators.

Sales activities for Gough and SANY for concrete industry equipment will be led by Gough Industrial Solutions’ key account manager, Horst Hendrich, who has years of experience in this sector

“With SANY’s modern production processes we know that the pump mounting frame is engineered precisely to fit specific chassis requirements. We source the chassis from within Australia and the equipment can therefore be mounted as soon as it arrives into Australia,” said Horst.

Coordination of the arrival of the mounting frame and the availability of the truck chassis enables us to reduce the lead time considerably, a considerable advantage over the current industry standard in Australia which is usually six to nine months.

“Here at Gough we can set up the truck chassis ready for a simple fitment within a week. This level of turnaround is a major improvement over the alternative of waiting for the pump to arrive before beginning to modify the chassis layout to accept the equipment.

“Truck-mounted concrete pumps come in a wide range and can be fitted to an equally broad range of truck chassis. Many customers focus on purchasing the pumps then ask us for advice on which make of chassis it should be mounted. The final decision comes down to application, such as on-road or off-road, which may require all-wheel-drive, followed by the size of boom they need and of course tare weight and eventually the overall cost,” said Horst.

Pump sizes are measured from the ground to the highest reach point of the pumps, and SANY offers extendable booms that reach to 38 m, 43 m, 47 m, 49 m, 53 m, 56 m and 62 m.

The 38 m pump when mounted with a typical 6×4 rigid truck has a GVM of around 27,800 kg and is ideal for access into restricted area locations. When working with boom extensions reaching between 43 m and 56 m, the GVM can then range from 36,350 kg up to 42,500 kg, respectively, so 8x4s are the standard choice. Where the customer requires a pump boom extension to 62 m, the option is to move into the 10×4 options to allow for the GVM of 53,000 kg.

“When customers add optional extras and include equipment that they will need onsite, it can easily add an extra ton or more. For these applications we try to use the light-weight trucks if we can, like the Japanese offerings or the DAF on an 8×4 rigid truck chassis,” said Horst.

“The issue with having to move up to the 10×4 is that this application requires permits to be obtained for transport. It’s not uncommon for the customers to find out a pump is required within 24 hours notice, so having to get permits to move the specialised units becomes prohibitive,” he added.

Since SANY took on Putzmeister in 2012 and expanded the level of its investment in R&D, the pump designs now incorporate an increasingly impressive range of technologies integrated into them that are categorised into eight core areas.

There has been considerable focus on making the operation of the boom more accurate, to overcome the challenge involved in trying to manoeuvre a boom weighing several tonnes up to 62 metres away. The slightest movement on the controls could make the final concrete discharge point of the boom swing a considerable distance, and this is just one of the reasons why concrete pump operators must be highly trained and qualified, to similar standards as those that apply to crane operators.

To assist the operators, SANY has developed stabiliser technology that, with a touch of a button, will quickly dampen any sudden movement as the boom is being repositioned. There is also an anti-vibration button that reduces the boom vibrating by 50 percent whilst pumping, plus an anti-overswing button that reduces unwanted swing by 60 percent. These inclusions are combined with a simple remote-control panel that allows the operator to stand away from the machine as they move the boom into position, making this operation that much easier.

There has also been a lot of investment into lowering running costs through reduced fuel usage by up to 10 percent while operating the equipment at 12 MPa and reducing component wear to increase uptime. The pumps can also be changed between high or low pumping pressure options, for various concrete mixes, to again assist with reducing running costs.

The next technological category that SANY has focused on is the computerised self-diagnostics system that constantly monitors over 200 aspects of the operation. This system reduces troubleshooting time by 70 percent with faults displayed on the onboard monitors.

Maintaining the highest level of workplace safety is obviously a major priority, especially where complex machinery and equipment spend their days working on construction sites. For SANY equipment the safety technology includes boom overload valves, shutdown switches if safety guards are opened, and auto-greasers. The operator can also programme maximum attainable height limits when operating in areas that include high voltage overhead power lines or restrictions such as encountered when working under a building roof or overhang.

In addition to its range of truck-mounted pumps, SANY also manufactures trailer-mounted concrete pumps and concrete placing booms that are used on sites requiring much longer pump distances.

According to SANY, its pumps have been used on 80 percent of all high-rise buildings above 300 metres. As testimony to SANY’s technology, the company holds the world record for the highest single pumping of concrete at nearly 500 metres vertical, plus 4000 metres horizontal with an outlet pressure of 50 MPa.

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