Unveiling the New Look MAN 

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Here is a video about unveiling the new look MAN truck in Europe. This is an event which is going to happen next week on February 10 in Bilbao. However, MAN have spent a lot of time and energy building up the hype in the period running up to the event, but also keeping the new look and design a strict secret. 

One small appearance on a Dutch truck website, run by well known truck expert and observer, Iep van der Meer, doesn’t give much away:

The always curious Iep also runs a website known as iepileaks where he publishes spy shots of new trucks in development. Here is the only shot of the new MAN the site has published:


unveiling the new look MAN

The speculation in Europe suggests the reveal next week will show off a new look cabin plus a completely redesigned interior for the truck. The talk is also that the driveline underneath the cabin will remain unchanged, for now.

There is a new 13 litre engine on the way, one which is a jointly developed Traton engine, for use in Scania, MAN, Volkswagen in South America and, perhaps in International trucks in the US (see the Navistar story elsewhere on Diesel News).


unveiling the new look MAN

In the lead up to the unveiling the new look MAN, truck magazine talk in Europe suggests the new 13 litre will be unveiled in the Scania first, perhaps with a new transmission or, more likely, some time next year. The engine will then be introduced in the MAN trucks in a couple of years time. 

The commonality between Scania and MAN looks to be getting closer to fruition and the big MAN launch next week is being billed the launch of a ‘New Truck Generation’. This is the same phrase as that used by Scania in launching its all new range several years ago.


unveiling the new look MAN