Unsafe Driving and Managing Your Risk 

unsafe driving and managing your risk

Save time and maximise the safety benefit for drivers, looking at unsafe driving and managing your risk. Geotab explains the way to get the best from data. 

Speed is a major contributor to the severity of a collision, and one of the best ways to significantly reduce both the frequency and severity of collisions is by using clear and concise data to quickly identify at-risk drivers. Look at each driver’s baseline and what do they normally do, and then help that driver improve over time.

With a trend report in hand, a manager can quickly identify those at-risk drivers. Simply pull the report and show it to the driver. Incident maps are also there when needed to show the driver.

The purpose of the first simple conversation is to listen for the real cause. It is possible that you may solve another issue and end with a clear expectation of a better result for next time.

Intervene immediately

A vehicle equipped with a monitoring device may be able to convey your requirements when unsafe driving occurs. Systems like Geotab’s advanced telematics can provide audible alerts, or even in-vehicle coaching. When a driver exceeds speed limits or corners, brakes or turns too sharply, the device can sound an alert tone. You may even be able to extend the solution to include a spoken warning reminder for safe driving.

Your driver can be notified when they’ve acted unsafely, automatically, helping them build and practice better driving habits.

Promote a safe driving culture

As valuable as it is to identify and coach at-risk drivers, it’s equally important to use the readily available information to identify those doing it right. Publicly acknowledging safe drivers with an incentive.

Safe driver awards and other rewards are another important piece of every driver conversation. Rewards and recognition highlight management’s commitment to improving safety culture by reinforcing safe behaviour.

Such programs create a gamification opportunity that involves drivers in a healthy competition to see who can be the safest driver, while providing transparency in the data collection and analysis. Drivers see what their supervisors see and rejoice when great drivers are recognised.

unsafe driving and managing your risk