UD provides 6×2 option for Condor

UD Trucks has announced an Australian developed lazy axle kit for its medium-duty Condor PK 17 280 model based on the 6450 mm wheelbase ‘S’ chassis which features factory installed chassis reinforcement.

Fitted by the dealer, each kit comprises a complete hub-to-hub axle assembly with all necessary air lines, suspension and chassis modification components.

Kits will be initially available in two wheelbase configurations of 7110 mm (16 pallet body) and 5790 mm (12 pallet body), followed by the popular 6710 mm (14 pallet body) configuration. The lazy axle is located forward of the drive axle with the 5790 mm wheelbase version and behind it with the two longer wheelbase variants.

In all cases the result is a rear axle (tandem) capacity of 18 tonnes which allows an increase in gross vehicle mass (GVM) from 16.5 to 23.5 tonnes, while gross combination mass (GCM) is upgraded to a maximum of 26 tonnes for the six-speed manual and 32 tonnes for nine-speed manual and automatic models.

The development has been fast tracked due to considerable demand for the 6×2 Condor from UD customers. The company says local engineering firms have been
unable to meet the demand as they presently don’t have a solution for UD’s taper roller braking system, which was pressed into service with the new Condor models in 2011.

UD Trucks moved to this system, which incorporates Wabco anti-lock braking system (ABS), following its success with the larger Quon (GW) models since 2002. The company claims it provides superior control and activation speed compared to the previous S-cam arrangement. The 6×2 Condor variants also feature road friendly compliant Hendrickson HAS460 air suspension, the same as that used in the GW Quon range.

UD Trucks revealed the new Condor 6×2 at the recent ITTES truck show in Melbourne, with the company saying the PK 17 280 nine-speed manual on display received widespread positive feedback.

The entire range of UD Trucks medium-duty Condor and heavy-duty Quon vehicles is available from a 36 strong nationwide dealer network.


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