Trying to Hit That B-double Sweet Spot

trying to hit that B-double sweet spot

Alongside a few different truck manufacturers, Scania are trying to hit that B-double sweet spot with the new 540hp R Series prime mover, using a 13-litre engine to get the job done. PowerTorque took one of these trucks out on the roads of Sydney to see if the sweet spot has been reached by the Swedish truck maker.

Scania has released a higher horsepower version of its 13 litre Euro 6 engine this year. This new engine represents an upgrade on the original engine fitted with the release of the latest Scania range a couple of years back. With the new 540 hp engine’s introduction, it is now possible to get a Scania prime mover with an extra 40 hp and 150 Nm of torque, coupled with the weight and cost savings of the 13-litre engine, when compared to the heavier V8 at 500 hp.

Among operators of B-doubles there is always a debate about just where the ideal setting is for a B-double prime mover in a fleet. Tare weight is very important in many operations and a 13-litre engine will inevitably use less fuel, but is also 300kg lighter than the Scania V8 engines.

trying to hit that B-double sweet spot

On the other hand, there is the argument that an operation will get more durability long-term with the bigger engine and that any savings in fuel and tare weight will be outweighed by improved durability and the ability to handle heavier combinations.

In fact, the calculations tend to be quite complicated and often fleets will have a bit each way, with some higher hp and some trucks in and around the 540 to 560 hp range. However, the perfect solution would be to find a truck which can handle high GCM levels and also be pretty frugal with fuel.

This latest model from Scania is one of those models aimed at being suitable for just about every B-double task but also able to get the job done without using too much fuel. With 540 hp available and 2700 Nm of torque, this Scania 540 can definitely be considered a contender. This brings the torque rating just 79Nm short of the top torque rating for a Cummins X15.

On this test, PowerTorque took a B-double around the South Western Sydney area and down the Hume Highway to put it through its paces and see if it really could handle the task as well as achieve some relatively low fuel consumption figures.

trying to hit that B-double sweet spot

This latest generation of Scania prime movers has already proven to be a successful addition to the Australian market truck market. The effectiveness of these trucks can be seen simply in the increased market share that the brand has been able to achieve in the years since it released its New Truck Generation model range.

Up to Speed

With the power at 540 hp and, more importantly, the taorque rating at 2700 N metres this truck does perform very well as a fully loaded B-double. There is no feeling that there isn’t enough in the engine for you to get the job done.

One of the indicators for any driver as to whether the truck is up to the job is whether it feels that it is actually doing it easily and well within its comfort zone or not. In the case of the 540 hp engine it seems easily capable of hauling a substantial load up to speed relatively quickly and holding top speed when required without too much work.

trying to hit that B-double sweet spot

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