Trucks With No Drivers

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There is a lot of talk in the media about the future of trucking and the concept of trucks with no drivers. The fact of the matter is no-one knows how this is going to play out. Even when the autonomous technology is available to take a truck from A to B safely, will the infrastructure be there to make it possible.

There is also all of the other things drivers have to do. Coupling and uncoupling, loading and loading and reacting to the stupidity of some other road users and so much more. It is difficult to believe autonomous trucks will do without drivers in anything other than short range hauls in highly controlled environments.

The reality is not sexy for the media, so talking about millions of drivers losing their jobs to robots is going to get plenty of clicks. The hype will continue, but so will the need for skilled drivers to keep trucks safe continue, well into the future.

There will be trucks with no drivers, in fact there already are, on mine sites in Australia. The next sector to get autonomous trucks is likely to be those hauling containers off the wharves. Long inter-capital hauls on modern motorways are also to get these trucks quite soon. The current crop of drivers are set to keep their jobs and new ones will be needed before we go completely autonomous. 


trucks with no drivers