Trucks Will Pay to Improve Car Commuting Times

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Here is yet another example of the way the trucking industry is treated by the powers that be, on the Logan Motorway trucks will pay to improve car commuting times. This is a good news story, for car drivers and the presenter tells us about all of the improvements in traffic conditions, only to finish off the story by telling us truck tolls will increase to pay for the road improvement. 

Car drivers will continue on their merry way without having to pay anything more. The freight industry has to bear the cost of a road scheme which benefits far more cars than trucks. The issue echoes a similar situation in Melbourne where trucks could be banned from using any other access to the the port other than the new tunnel for which will have to pay the big bucks.

No, road surfaces aren’t exciting, but our reporter is excited. She is excited about high modulus asphalt, and she should be too. The material is a stiffer material for the road surface. However, this doesn’t mean the road surface will be better, it is simply going to be thinner, to save money.

The question the trucking industry would be asking of Transurban and the Queensland Government, is why, if they have a better material, they didn’t use it at the same thickness so that the road surface lasted longer and reduced the need for more road works down the track and the congestion it creates.

The area around these improvements is the fast-growing freight hub along the Logan corridor. There is plenty of investment here in very large distribution centres with thousands of trucks in and out of the area every day. Those trucks are all going to have to pay higher fees. Are the owners of large DCs like Woolies and Coles going to pass on the increased cost to their customers or are the car drivers of Southern Brisbane going to get another free ride?

Ironically, the area is being hyped up to sell many more new homes in the area, which will simply serve to clog up the new intersections with even more cars.



 trucks will pay to improve car commuting times




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