Trucks vs Caravans

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It’s that time of year again, as the Australian grey nomad migration begins it’s move from the North of the country towards the South, as it warms up through spring, bringing with it the the issues around trucks vs caravans, yet again.

Here’s a helpful fella trying to explain to caravaners how to allow a truck to safely get a past when they are travelling at less than 100km/h on the open road. The basic principles are simple and our helpful truckie is explaining exactly what to do in simple terms.

Wouldn’t it be great if this seasonal migration went off well without any hitches, without a caravan running off the road and rolling, without the sickening mess left after a caravan gets clipped by an oversized load, without fear and loathing on both sides.

Here’s a few examples:

The trouble is that there are two sides to this story and, in some instances, never the twain shall meet. There are elements in the caravanning community who hate trucks and truck drivers, who will not co-operate or be helpful and thoughtful in any way.

On the other side of the coin, there are also truckies who are willing to intimidate and bully caravan and camper vans and try to drive them off the road. This sort of attitude is helping no-one, just creating more truck-hating grey nomads.

The flash points are not just on the road, with the truck overtaking the caravan or camper van, where they are travelling slowly and are unwilling to help the truckie, who is on a deadline, to get past and get going.

There are also issues in the unnecessarily limited parking areas along our highways. Truckies need to park up by law to take mandatory fatigue breaks, finding truck dedicated parking bays filled with randomly parked caravans making it impossible to park up a multiple combination for a seven hour break.

So congratulations to this fine chap, who is trying to take the sting out of a fraught relationship.

trucks vs caravans