Trucks get free trial of AirportlinkM7

Dr Ray Wilson, chief executive of BrisConnections.

Brisbane’s AirportlinkM7, a 6.7 km toll road and tunnel, is set to open shortly and will service more than 60 percent of the city’s growing population by providing the first major motorway link between the CBD, northern suburbs and airport precinct.

Dr Ray Wilson, chief executive of BrisConnections, operator of the $5.6 billion road project, said AirportlinkM7 was a vital road link that would help ease traffic congestion and its associated operating constraints for businesses, which Brisbane City Council estimated in 2010 to be costing the city $1.3 billion a year in productivity losses.

“AirportlinkM7 will result in faster, safer and more reliable trips for businesses and fleets, bypassing multiple sets of traffic lights and providing travel time savings of up to 20 minutes in peak hour,” Dr Wilson said. “For a business operating a fleet this means greater productivity, more reliable scheduling and better customer service which can reflect positively on the bottom line of a business.”

In a huge boon for businesses, AirportlinkM7 will be free for all motorists, including commercial operators, for the first month, with an additional two months toll free for all vehicles with a tag or account with any Australian toll road operator.

“We want to offer commercial industry the chance to grow familiar with using this amazing new piece of infrastructure and to see first-hand the benefits it will deliver to their day-to-day operations and bottom line,” Dr Wilson concluded.

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