Trucking Surviving Covid-19

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The last twenty-plus months have been a nightmare for the entire globe, but our industry has been one of those essential services which has kept Australia going through the pandemic, now we need to think about trucking surviving covid-19.

Scott Davidson, NatRoad Chair is making some valid points here about just how much the trucking industry has put in and just how operating through the pandemic has taken out of the industry.

PowerTorque recently interviewed the NatRoad CEO, Warren Clark and talked with him about what needs to happen as we come out of the worst of the pandemic and how we should prepare for the future.

The trucking industry has come a long way, especially when compared to its rather tarnished image in the past and the way the populace looked down on trucking. However, the trucking industry more than met the expectations of the politicians and the public during the pandemic.

“The drivers rallied around the community and the country to go out of their way to deliver,” said Warren. “There’s a lot of pressure on freight, so it’s time that they are not just seen as a another road user, but as an essential service on the road. That truck is delivering the food that we need to stay alive.

“There is a definition within legislation, which we would need federal government to look at and actually enact. That would be our goal, we have gone to the federal and state governments with that. There is a definition and terminology of an ‘essential service’. 

“The definition is through federal government, but there is a lot of powers in states, and that is something we have seen through Covid, they have a massive impact on transport. In fact, we would argue that the states have had too much power during the pandemic and caused too much confusion and too much duplication. It’s crazy what trucking operators had to do.”

To read the full interview with Warren get the upcoming issue of PowerTorque Magazine, by clicking here.

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