Trucking Has Friends in Parliament?

trucking has friends in Parliament?

The answer to the question would have invariably been no, in the past, when enquiring as to whether trucking has friends in Parliament? However, that looks to be about to change after the formation of the Parliamentary Friends of Trucks, Trailers, Transport and Logistics (PFTTTL) this week.

According to a press statement about the new forum, the new Parliamentary Friends forum will allow federal MPs and Senators to work more closely with the road transport and heavy vehicle industries.

Chaired by Assistant Minister for Regional Development and Territories, Nola Marino, and Shadow Assistant Minister for Road Safety, Glenn Sterle, PFTTTL is said to be a non-partisan forum for MP’s and Senators to meet and interact with representatives of the transport industry. The group will focus on priorities to make a safer, more productive and environmentally sustainable heavy vehicle industry.


trucking has friends in Parliament?
Senator Glenn Sterle


“The trucking industry is essential to Australia’s economy and day-to-day life. We are the ones who put food on the supermarket shelves and fuel in the service station bowser,” said Geoff Crouch, Australian Trucking Association Chair.

“We are absolutely delighted to welcome the establishment of this important group and look forward to working with the engaged ministers and encourage discussion to focus on issues key to industry such as maximising productivity, raising the industry’s profile, solving the skills deficit and improving road safety.”

The Heavy Vehicle Industry Association President, John Drake, also commented on the announcement, saying it was very encouraging to see Australia’s politicians understand the importance of the trucking industry and their willingness to engage on important issues.

“This is an unrivalled opportunity for the industry to speak with a shared voice and to raise the profile of our amazing industry with decision-makers in the Federal Parliament,” said John.

“We thank and acknowledge Chairs Marino and Sterle for their hard work in establishing the PFTTTL and look forward to working with all of the members of the group to ensure a positive result and improvements in heavy vehicle safety and productivity.”


trucking has friends in Parliament?



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