Truck Sales Going Gangbusters

truck sales going gangbusters

All of the indications were that truck sales would continue apace throughout 2022, but the figures for June, released by the Truck Industry Council, show truck sales going gangbusters in the last month of the financial year. 

Even though the imperative to get trucks out of the door and to operators before the end of the financial year was extremely strong, the numbers are still mind blowing. About 25 per cent of all of the trucks sold in Australia so far this year, were sold in June.

The total figures for the first half of the year are already almost 1,000 truck sales ahead of the figures at the same time last year, a year which broke all of the records.

The numbers are very high and probably unprecedented. Isuzu sold 1521 trucks in June, and have hit 6,043 sales for the year, around 1300 up on the same point last year. Clearly, the supply chain issues of the past couple of years, caused by the pandemic, have clearly been overcome, one way or another. 

The brands with the shorter supply chains, those who assemble trucks here in Australia, Kenworth, Volvo and Mack, all had a good month in June, and are well up on the overall figures for the year, when compared to 2021.

Of course, some of the surge in numbers is from getting trucks registered and officially sold, just to get the paperwork in before the end of the financial year. We should expect a dip over the next couple of months as the effect of the pull forward plays out throughout the truck dealers of Australia.

The anomalous situation, as different issues play out in different parts of the world, creating shortages of components, trucks and space on vehicle transport ships effects every manufacturer differently. 

Smart planning, efficient supply chains and a lot of luck have all contributed to the successes or otherwise throughout the Australian truck market. Some of the best performers can be identified through increases in market share, in this regard Isuzu, Kenworth and Volvo seem to have played their hands well, to their advantage.

truck sales going gangbusters

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