Truck Drivers Feel Like They Are Forgotten

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One of the issues we often forget is that truck drivers feel like they are forgotten a lot of the time, when they are alone, out on the highway and feeling insecure.

I had to share this video from @eagleace666 on TikTok. Okay, the words are spoken by an American but the video is from Australia, and the truths are the same here as they are for many truck drivers around the world.

No matter what kind of spin you put on it, the driver is on their own in a dangerous situation most of their lives. Sitting in a relatively frail metal box stuck on the front of 60 plus tonnes, going at 100 km/h along a relatively narrow, poorly maintained strip of bitumen or dirt is not the most relaxing of environments.

Add the random factor into the mix, kangaroos, cattle and camels can wander out in front of them at any time. A natural obstacle, but one that can cause major damage nonetheless.

Even more random are the completely oblivious and untrained car drivers buzzing in and around the truck. The complete lack of any training of these drivers about the thinking which needs to go into driving around a truck, fills me with dread, and I only drive a truck once or twice a month, not 14 hours a day.

The sentiments expressed in this video does pop into a truck drivers head regularly. Yes, they learn to live with the stress and the feeling of isolation and the lack of care, on the part of wider society, but it does take a toll.

It is that toll which should worry us the most and is also a factor in the trucking industry’s inability to be able to fill all of those empty driver’s seats with highly competent drivers. 

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truck drivers feel like they are forgotten

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