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Truck Brands Going Forward

truck brands going forward

Visitors to the upcoming Brisbane truck Show will be able to see a vast array of the new technology we will be seeing in our industry as we see truck brands going forward towards a safer zero carbon future.



Kenworth is certainly going to feature a contender for Truck of the Year Australasia , the Kenworth K220 front and centre on its stand, but we can also be sure there will be a few surprises in store for show visitors.

The K220 is the brand’s most technologically advanced truck and features a modern interior fitted with a 15-inch high-definition display as well as a new eight-inch audio-visual navigation unit that has smartphone integration. 

The K Series has also been transformed with the replacement of the Eaton Ultrashift with the new Eaton 18-speed Endurant XD Pro automated transmission, however, for the traditionalist, the 18-speed Road Ranger box is still available.

K220 has the largest range of active and passive safety options ever offered by Kenworth Australia and includes adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, side object detection and collision mitigation.

truck brands going forward

SBR vs N Series

Isuzu has recently celebrated 50 years of operation for the Isuzu brand here in Australia, and it’s because of trucks like the classic SBR model that the company has fared so well. At the show, visitors will be able to compare the SBR with the latest Isuzu has on offer.

The process to bring the SBR back to life took Isuzu Australia’s Product Development Department two years to complete as the interior and exterior were fully restored. All rust, dents and blemishes were removed, a fresh coat of white paint was applied and a custom-built body with a Tasmanian oak floor fitted, leaving the 43-year old Isuzu in a near-original state.

Also on the stand, the latest N-Series light truck range is by far the most sophisticated and advanced Isuzu to date, with its 10.1-inch infotainment screen with Apple and Android connectivity. There’s also Isuzu’s newest safety technology ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

Autonomous emergency braking that can detect pedestrians comes as standard, as does lane-departure warning, traffic movement warning, distance warning and stability control (plus heaps more).

Head-to-head with the SBR, the N-Series has between 149-190hp from its four-cylinder engine compared to 132hp from the SBR’s 5.8-litre six-cylinder diesel.

truck brands going forward

Catching up with Mack

The next-generation Mack Truck was launched during the pandemic and didn’t make it to the last Brisbane Truck Show, two years ago. This year it will take pride of place on the Mack display.

The Anthem has a keen focus on safety and comes loaded with the Bendix Wingman Fusion safety system as standard.

The Anthem is reckoned to be one of the most fuel-efficient Macks ever, thanks to tweaks to the MP8 engine and the mDrive transmission, and its new aerodynamic cabin design. The cabin interior of the stand-up sleeper has 35 per cent more space than previous models.

truck brands going forward

Cascadia Down Under

At the 2019 Brisbane Truck show, the camouflaged ‘winter soldier’ test unit Cascadia proudly was on the stand, giving Australians their first glimpse of the new Freightliner. Two years later at the 2021 Brisbane Truck Show, punters could put in an order.

The Cascadia is a step change in innovation and technology in comparison to previous Argosy and Coronado truck models. Under the bonnet, the Cascadia offers either the 13- or 16-litre Detroit Diesel engines, which are reportedly good on fuel, and inside the Cascadia you’ll find a cabin filled with lush, soft-touch materials that resemble the interior of premium car brands.

Freightliner built numerous prototypes to test new components and systems locally, while also simulating millions of road kilometres with cold chamber and hot room sessions to ensure effective operation in extreme temperature conditions.

truck brands going forward

Brand Growth

For brands like UD and its flagship model, the Quon, the last few years have seen considerable growth. Under the Volvo Group Australia banner, UD’s public perception has shifted and the updated Quon with a new Euro 6-compliant 11-litre engine as well as the 12-speed ESCOT AMT will be at the Brisbane Truck Show.

The new Quon variants offer between 390-460hp in power terms and the torque figures read 2,250Nm for the 460hp model, and 2,000Nm for the 400hp and 430hp variants.

Quon comes fitted with safety features, like the Traffic Eye cruise control with a new stop and driver-initiated go function, the Traffic Eye brake system, a lane departure warning system, and UD’s stability control that automatically detects and adjusts engine output and braking to retain truck stability.

truck brands going forward

Looking Forward with Hino

Like many international brands, Hino is working on next-generation EV and hydrogen power plants. Hwever, Hino is keen to emphasise it already offers a low-emissions vehicle that’s tried, tested and available in Australia hybrid electric technology.

“Rising fuel prices and an increased focus from customers wanting to minimise their environmental impact has seen sales of Australia’s only hybrid electric light-duty truck soar,” said Daniel Petrovski , Hino Australia’s Department Manager – Product Strategy. “Not only do our hybrid electric models meet Euro 6 exhaust emissions standards, recent real-world trials comparing the proven Hino hybrid electric truck against a traditional diesel equivalent revealed a 22 per cent reduction in fuel use and CO2 emissions.”

Hino has sold over 700 hybrid trucks since it launched the technology over 15 years ago, and the range will expand further with the new Hino 300 hybrid electric ‘built-to-go’ products available in Hino dealerships from July 2023.

truck brands going forward

Contender on Show

Another Truck of the Year Australasia contender, the Fuso Shogun 510 will be appearing at the show for the first time. As the only Japanese truck to top the 500hp barrier, the Shogun 510 Tipper uses a 510hp 13-litre engine and 12-speed Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) from the Daimler stable.

The tipper will be joined by a 510hp prime mover capable of pulling a B-double at a low operating cost using the 13-litre engine.


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