TraXon from ZF a modular automatic heavy transport transmission

TRAXONZF has introduced its new TraXon modular automatic transmission concept to the market at the recent Brisbane Truck Show.

With a combination of innovative technology and reliable engineering, TraXon is breaking new ground by offering a modular framework, which will allow transmissions to be tailored to individual requirements said ZF.

The system is not only versatile for current demands, but intelligent networking sees the transmission future ready for new technology, such as hybrid drive systems.

Internationally, the first manufacturer to publically announce use of the TraXon is Iveco, phasing it in from October 2014 as a replacement for the highly successful ZF-AS Tronic transmissions found locally on the Stralis and Trakker models. Further announcements of volume production applications are expected in due course.

Chris Adcock, Managing Director of ZF Services Australia, sees this next generation of transmission as a major step forward for the industry.

“Since ZF globally announced the TraXon transmission, the reaction from the truck manufacturers has been very heartening,” Mr Adcock said.

“The most impressive step forward is the technology being used. The modular design, the hybrid system, GPS integration, intelligent software programming, it all adds up to gains in efficiency, adaptability, and at the end of the day it contributes to the user’s bottom line.

“With the TraXon there is the ability to specify the transmission with the exact components required, whether it’s economical highway driving, use in tight or off-road conditions, light or heavy loads, it can provide performance while taking into consideration environmental factors and driver comfort.

“Here at ZF Services Australia we are looking forward to arrival of the TraXon, and supporting local applications as they become available.”

The basic architecture of the automatic transmission allows for torque ranges in direct drive up to 2,800Nm, and in over drive up to 3,500Nm. Utilising gear ratios that maximise fuel economy, the TraXon is highly efficient, offering reduced noise and long service intervals.

Setting the tone for future trends, the TraXon’s hybrid module offers a range of electric drive possibilities, including recuperation while braking, possible electric drive without the engine in operation, a boost function for increasing performance, an electric stop-start function, and the possibility of electric PTOs. A more traditional PTO module is also available, which can service a multitude of applications with torque of up to 2,000Nm.

Apart from the modular hardware system of various clutch options, TraXon also offers a massive range of intelligent programming to assist in a variety of situations.

A highlight is the system’s PreVision GPS strategy, which utilises satellite tracked terrain information, which anticipates gear changes in advance, resulting in gains of performance, comfort and fuel efficiency.

The quick gearshifts of the system save fuel, which is complimented by the rolling function, which minimises drag losses by engaging neutral on downhill sections.

TraXon features a manoeuvring function for difficult take-off situations, and gradient control, for both uphill and downhill starts. The system can also be specified with ZF’s acclaimed Intarder, which provides wear-free continuous braking in multiple stages.

The system can be configured with two or four reverse gears, depending on application, with the four gear option ideal for situations such as highway construction sites. TraXon also has an off-road function, allowing safe passage of heavy loads on uneven surfaces, as well as a rock-free function, which invokes a rocking motion to free the vehicle from pits or other obstacles.

Like all ZF transmissions, the TraXon will be fully supported in Australia by ZF Services Australia said ZF.

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