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It’s not all doom and gloom, when looking at the transport industry as a whole. The number of jobs in the transport and logistics sector is out growing a number of other industries, and the general economy, according to Labourforce’s Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain Jobs Index for October 2014. The National Index has risen a further 4.6 per cent in September and this equates to 14.7 per cent over the last twelve months.


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The major state, in terms of the transport industry, Victoria, has been growing 47 per cent in the last 12 months. Interestingly and against the norm, the Permanent Job Index increase of 4.8 per cent outperformed the 4.1 per cent rise in Temporary and Contract opportunities.


The ANZ bank recently reported their Job Advertisement Series had risen for the last four months, 7.6 per cent in the last twelve month. The Labourforce TL&SC Jobs Index has risen 14.7 per cent over the same period and by 7.3 per cent in the last three months alone.


In the survey, all states and sectors enjoyed an increase in the number of job vacancies advertised in September. From 6.4 per cent in Victoria and 5.8 per cent in Queensland to 1.6 per cent in Western Australia and 2.1 per cent in SA/NT, this demonstrates how the growth is moving away from resources related jobs. Over a 12-month period WA vacancies have fallen 15.5 per cent while SA/NT have fallen 25 per cent.


Victoria’s performance has been spectacular, growing 47 per cent in 12 months to 147.05. NSW, with growth of 10.5 per cent and Queensland 19.4 per cent have both performed very strongly and seem to be pulling ahead again after a relatively quiet mid year period.


“The story that is emerging after 12 months of measuring the TL&SC jobs market is overall a positive one for the industry and workers,” said Paul Mcleay, Spokesperson for the Labourforce Jobs Index, “But not all states are enjoying the industry upswing equally. The data is telling us a story of post-mining boom rebalancing, as Victoria, NSW and Queensland have picked up the lions share of new jobs across all sectors, reducing WA’s share to under 10 per cent, down from 14.3 per cent a year ago.


“Interestingly, jobs in management are right down, having fallen 13.7 per cent in 12 months, while gains have been made in implementation functions. The big picture is good news for workers who might be losing their jobs as airlines or postal services restructure, but may find the environment conducive to finding new jobs. Especially workers who are able to relocate to follow the jobs East will be well positioned to find new employment.”


The full results can be downloaded here.


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