Transforming safety with fleet management platforms

transforming safety with fleet management platforms

Unfortunately, the transport industry remains one of Australia’s deadliest workplaces, and as a result, safety is a critical, ongoing focus for transport operators, so transforming safety with fleet management platforms is going to be vital, moving forward.

The stress of tight deadlines and long distances adversely influence driver behaviour. With the pressure on to deliver their loads, drivers feel they must push safety boundaries to meet obligations.

For their sakes, and the safety of other motorists, transport operators are leaning on next-generation AI-powered telematics platforms equipped with a range of safety technologies.

Know where the issues are

You can’t fix the problem if you don’t know it’s there. AI-enabled engine and vehicle performance data provides fleet managers with insight into driver behaviour. They show examples of dangerous practices such as hard cornering, harsh braking, and speeding.

Bringing trends to the forefront, they give fleet operators the opportunity to educate drivers on the effects that their actions have on them and other motorists. With evidence of certain activities, operators can demonstrate to drivers where and when they’ve done the wrong thing.

Operators have a duty of care to ensure that high standards of driver safety are met, vehicles are at optimal conditions, and drivers are a part of the solution.

Safety through real-time vision

Artificial Intelligence and telematics offer integrated services to keep drivers safer. Integration is useful because it collects all the information you need into one platform.

AI-enabled cameras can now be fully integrated, providing a real-time 360-degree view of each vehicle, giving businesses the ability to see what drivers see. Now you can see the traffic issues, pedestrians, and road condition to help alert drivers to potential safety hazards on the road and inside the cabin in future trips.

  • Furthermore, it helps provide insight into corroborating the driver’s story in fraudulent insurance claims or false accusations. 
  • Monitoring in real-time
  • Uncovering dangerous behaviour after the facts only helps in the instances where something hasn’t gone wrong.

The ability of telematics to capture and process vast amounts of data in real time that is then overlayed instantly over maps provides more than just vehicle locations. For example, real-time drone view gives operators insight into any vehicle’s exact position as it’s moving in its surroundings, not vehicle replays of events that happened in the past.

At the same time, with the addition of instant insights into speed monitoring and dangerous driving along with alerts, businesses are empowered to promote a safety conscious workplace and proactively manage risks before they become incidents. 

Actioning insights and analytics

While real time alerts and instant driver-to-back-office communication help deal with bad habits at the time, operators must use the data provided by AI-powered fleet management software and telematics to develop training responses to driver safety issues in the medium to long term.

Uncovering important insights is easy thanks to natural language search features. Guided search makes understanding your data easier and visualisation functionality quickly and seamlessly displays the data in an easily understandable way.

Thanks to the 360-degree view of drivers that multi-camera solutions and other integrated safety technology, next-gen AI-equipped fleet management platforms are helping transport operators keep drivers and motorists safe.

transforming safety with fleet management platforms