Training the industry one NanoNet at a time

there’s a lot your truck deals with

On our Aussie roads, there’s a lot your truck deals with. Dirt, sand, dust, even dirty fuel will all affect the performance of your engine over time.


But it’s the microscopic particles within these materials that we often don’t think about. And while they don’t grab your immediate attention like a misfiring engine, a decrease in your acceleration power, or a leak under the cab, they’re just as important. In fact, they’re two sides of the same coin: these immediate issues all stem back to dirty, clogged, or old filtration technology. 

And while you might not think about your filters as often as you should, Cummins Filtration do.

As one of the world’s leading designers of air, fuel, hydraulic, lube filtration, and coolant, Cummins Filtration are on a mission to help you keep your truck or your fleet running as efficiently as possible.

And to fight those pesky microparticles causing you problems, their flagship NanoNet filters have you covered. Made up of woven nanofibres which capture more of contaminants, eliminating unnecessary wear within your engine, and improving the performance of your systems by up to 13 times that of standard filters.

For Fleetguard, it’s not about keeping the information to themselves. To create a better, more efficient industry, they provide a range of training courses to help boost the knowledge and understanding around this crucial element of the trucking business.

Their training will help you and your staff become experts on just how important filtration is to your fleet, and how getting the right media within your filters can help you, your clients, and your customers. 

After all, without the right knowledge and information, you could be damaging your engines and systems every time you fill the tank, change your lubricants, or turn on the engine. That might sound alarmist, but it’s true, which is why Fleetguard are so keen on delivering cross-industry training.

And it’s not just about keeping your fleet running smoothly. With the right training, you’ll have more expert knowledge about how filtration works as a whole, and you can be better informed when talking to your customers and clients about the right parts for their machinery. 

You’re upskilling yourself, and your teams, and developing a knowledge base that you can use and transfer seamlessly across a range of roles and industries (if you’re looking for a new challenge).

Fleetguard training opportunities are available for all levels, so however much you feel you need to learn, they’ve got you covered. And it’s all completely free. Their only motive is to upskill and improve the industry’s knowledge on the importance of correct filtration.

Interested? Jump online and head to and check out their five key training pillars. There are plenty of ways to go about it without impacting your busy day-to-day:

  • Webinar series. Fleetguard run a free monthly webinar series that anyone can tune into, covering topics such as coolant fundamentals, NanoNet technology, air and lube filtration, and much more. 
  • Fleetschool online learning programs. Fleetschool deliver self-paced online learning programs that you can jump into at your convenience. Get your head around a variety of filtration and conditioning topics, without having to head into the classroom—the perfect tool for trainees looking to become experts in filtration.
  • Guest talks. Fleetguard experts can come to you and offer the opportunity to conduct TAFE and toolbox talks at your worksite. 
  • Office internships. Filtration isn’t just for out on the road. The Cummins Internship Program provides opportunities for hands-on, meaningful learning for university students, where you can get stuck in to real-world projects in a professional office environment.
  • Cummins Industry apprenticeship program. Highly regarded in the industry, they offer a range of apprenticeships to train the diesel mechanics of the future. Each course trains you up for a diverse and fulfilling career, with the skills and initiative that are so crucial for career progression. 

Terry Duncan, Parts Manager at Transall Motors, took part in one of Cummins’ recent webinars, covering Fundamental Concepts of Filtration.

‘I found the webinar was well presented and easy to follow, and the content was very helpful… Fleetguard have always delivered very informative and interesting technical information sessions, and this webinar lived up to that expectation.’

So if you can’t remember the last time you checked your filters, or you think that adding a filtration arm to your customer services will help boost your business, get in touch with Fleetguard. You can find out more by heading to Cummins Filtration, and see how they’re doing their part to help train the industry, one NanoNet at a time.

there’s a lot your truck deals with

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