Trailer Brand Has Been Picked Up By Bruce Rock

trailer brand has been picked up by Bruce Rock

The Thinwall brand originated in Canada, and the trailer brand has been picked up by Bruce Rock Engineering, after the original Australian production facility closed in early 2020. The company’s hopper trailers are now being built by BRE here in Australia and the trailer builder is currently tooling up for the production of the Thinwall walking floor models in this country.

Keith Walking Floors are used in the trailers and operators report that the system is the fastest of all of the walking floor options. This is combined with a Thinwall design which is claimed to be the lightest trailer in its class. The walking floor equipment weighs much less than any hydraulic tipping equipment.

The trailers are full aluminium construction and the horizontally welded side planks are designed to give the trailer a long lifespan. The monocoque construction is fully welded giving the trailer the required rigidity and strength without the need for a full chassis.

This design allows the designers of the trailer to run the dimensions out to the maximum height and length allowable and maximise cubic capacity. As a result this kind of set up is the preferred solution for operators concentrating on low density bulk movements like wood chip and some stock feed. Each trailer in the Beggs’ Bulk A-double set has a capacity around 98 cubic metres.

trailer brand has been picked up by Bruce Rock

It will take 6.5 minutes to unload each trailer and Ken Beggs also uses the CleanSweep tarp system which uses the Walking Floor to move out of the trailer with the load, keeping the walls and floor clean. Once the trailer has been unloaded the clean tarp is winched back into position to the front of the trailer. 

Lighter weight bulk and specialist operators will use this same technology, but farmers will not buy these kinds of technologies as they cost more and need full-time utilisation to make the capital expenditure worthwhile. 

The Keith Walking Floor used in Ken’s trailers are the lighter type available to reduce tare for a stock feed with a lower density, the heavier duty floors have fewer but much thicker planks. 

trailer brand has been picked up by Bruce Rock

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