ToYA’s Transformative Transmission

ToYA’s transformative transmission

One of the stand-outs in the design in the Truck of the Year Australasia is its auto option, the Endurant XD, ToYA’s transformative transmission, which takes the Kenworth K220 into new territory.

The Endurant XD series of transmissions, was born out of the Eaton-Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies, the joint venture between industry stalwarts, Eaton and Cummins. The Endurant transmission is the next generation of automated transmissions designed for heavy-duty trucks in Australia. 

Designed and engineered by Eaton-Cummins, renowned global leaders in powertrain innovation, the Endurant XD Pro transmission offers the most advanced features and robust performance to meet the demanding requirements of the Australian trucking industry.

One of the many features of the Endurant XD series transmissions is the intuitive updated smart technology and fresh new design. It was specifically engineered to handle the rigorous conditions and heavy loads encountered by heavy-duty trucks in Australia. Engineered from the ground up helps to achieve a huge 100kg weight saving vs its predecessor, the Eaton UltraShift PLUS transmission. The Endurant series transmissions meanwhile are built with high-quality materials and components to ensure long-lasting performance and efficiency, even in the harshest environments.

ToYA’s transformative transmission

The Endurant XD Pro transmission utilises advanced smart logic to offer ultimate performance and fuel efficiency to enhance overall productivity. It features intelligent shift management and an industry leading widest gear ratio spread, allowing drivers to achieve the ideal balance between performance and fuel economy. The new transmission architecture was designed to deliver smooth and precise gear changes, ensuring the best driving experience on every journey.

All clutch operations are now performed pneumatically to provide a smooth rapid response and reduce high demand on the vehicle electrical system. Being an AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) the Endurant series transmissions are still clutch driven. The new extreme-duty clutch, a 430mm single plate, self-adjusting design now uses organic material for improved launch control during clutch engagement.

Maintenance and serviceability are also key considerations in the design of the Endurant XD Pro transmission. It is engineered for easy maintenance, with accessible components and diagnostic capabilities that facilitate quick and efficient servicing. 

The addition of fluid pressure and oil temperature sensors alert the operator at the first sign of any issue. This was front of mind to reduce downtime and keep trucks on the road, ensuring maximum uptime and operational efficiency for drivers and fleets. Meanwhile a cleaner contained design reduces external wiring and sensors to protect critical components and maximise reliability.

ToYA’s transformative transmission

The Endurant XD series transmissions were designed to integrate seamlessly in a wide range of heavy-duty truck applications in Australia. With the ability to be paired with Cummins euro 5 and euro 6 compliant engines and the spectrum axle configurations, the Endurant XD Pro provides versatility and compatibility across different trucking applications. Whether it’s interstate line-haul transportation, off-road operations, or metropolitan distribution, the Endurant XD series transmissions are engineered to deliver optimal performance and reliability.

With its exceptional durability, advanced technology, and emphasis on serviceability and uptime, the Endurant XD series offers operators a transmission solution that can withstand the demanding conditions of the Australian road network while optimising performance, fuel efficiency, and driver experience.

For more information on the new Endurant XD Series transmission call 1300 4 EATON (1300 432 866), or email ; visit Eaton/Cummins


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