Topical training from ARTSA

The Australian Road Transport Supplies Association are to run a Forensic Engineering Course for Trucks and Trailers from February 27 to 28 at Life Saving Victoria in Port Melbourne. The course is aimed at people with a professional interest in heavy truck and trailer safety and mechanical performance.

Although the training has a strong engineering bent, ARTSA are keen to point out, the course is not just for engineers. The aim is to present accurate information at a level that will be readily understood by inspectors, assessors, fleet managers and workshop managers. Topics covered in the structure of the course include a wide variety of issues.

Sessions throughout the course cover subjects such as: Forensic Inspection, Truck and Trailer Fire Causation, Vehicle Dynamics, Modelling & Crashes, Vehicle Braking and Stability, Wear, Failure Modes & Bearings, Tyres, Axles, Ride, Alignment & Steering, Modifications to Heavy Vehicles and Advanced & Emerging Technologies on Heavy Vehicles.

A brochure for the course is available online and registration for the course is available online at the ARTSA website.