Toll allowed to fit cameras, says FWC

In a decision by the Fair Work Commission (FWC), it has been concluded Toll should be allowed to fit safety cameras in its trucks, which record both the road ahead of the truck and the driver in the cabin. This decision comes after the Transport Workers Union in Victoria objected to the fitting of the cameras if they monitored the driver as well as the road ahead.


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In initial discussions between Toll and the TWU, the union had been willing to trial the cameras but with only the forward facing function enabled. In a series of discussions Toll were unable to convince union members to accept the two-way cameras on safety grounds. As a result ,Toll went to the FWC for a decision on its right to fit the cameras.


The submissions by Toll included the results of the program of fitting cameras in Toll NQX trucks in Queensland, see this article in Diesel News.  TWU submissions disputed Toll’s right to fit inward facing cameras, and their utility as a way of improving safety outcomes.


In concluding his report, the Commissioner decided Toll had a legal right, under the current contract arrangements, to fit the cameras to record in both directions. He also stated, “I am also satisfied that the evidence indicates the system can contribute to better safety outcomes in the road transport industry and should be considered by the parties in this context.”

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