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Today’s Driver is Expected to Remain Alert

today’s driver is expected to remain alert

Whether it’s tiresome, monotonous long haul journeys or dealing with the congested traffic, pedestrians and cyclists in dense urban environments, today’s driver is expected to remain alert, vigilant and ready to react to any unforeseen incident. 

However, human beings are not, by nature, able to retain 100 per cent focus for extended periods of time. And, together with the myriad of distractions in and around the vehicle, or the tasks simply required to operate the vehicle, it’s impossible for a driver to keep both eyes on the road at all times.  And even then, is the driver even entirely focused or possibly driving on “autopilot”?

What if drivers had an extra eye? That was constantly watching the road ahead. That didn’t blink. Or get distracted. 

Harnessing cutting-edge computer vision, Mobileye’s Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) constantly scans the area in front of the vehicle. And, like the human eye, is able to distinguish and monitor other vehicles, motorcycles, cyclists, pedestrians, lane lines and speed signs.

By continuously measuring the Time-To-Collision (TTC) with a vehicle ahead, Mobileye’s AI algorithms are able to calculate and predict potential collisions up to 2.7 seconds before they occur. Issuing both visual and audible alerts in real-time, allowing the driver more time to react and take action. Studies have shown that Forward Collision Warning systems (FCW) could prevent over 80% of rear-end crashes.

Furthermore, the system provides constant indication of the following distance, in seconds, to the vehicle ahead. Drivers are able to maintain safer distances, minimise tailgating and reduce the risk of a rear-end-collision, which are especially prevalent in low-speed urban driving. 

The Mobileye system will also alert the driver to unintended lane deviation, commonly caused by fatigue and distraction. Whether leading to a head-on-collision with oncoming traffic in the adjacent lane or running off the road, Lane Departure Warning systems (LDW) have been proven to significantly lower involvement rates in crashes with injuries by up to 24% and in those with fatalities by up to 86%. 2 

Mobileye’s aftermarket systems can be retrofitted to any vehicle and are effective and affordable solutions for operators who want the latest safety technology but don’t want to purchase new vehicles.

Mobileye Distributor, FleetSafe works directly with SME, enterprise and government fleets, providing a complete end-to-end service solution, while supplying channel partners in key vertical markets like telematics, auto dealerships and auto electricians.

today’s driver is expected to remain alert

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