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Third world trucking

Sitting in queues and dealing with dodgy road surfaces, we complain, as we sit in our air conditioned cabs, about our treatment. These are first world problems.


This video about trucking in Madagascar is surprising in how the road conditions and the state of the trucks is quite good when compared to many in the third world. Life for anyone involved with trucks in developing countries has a hard life with very little chance of running to schedule or home comforts in the cabin.



These truck drivers in West Africa have a nightmare, trying to get a loaded trailer just 300 km. It takes six days due to road conditions, border checkpoints and corruption. The patience they show is amazing, it’s not quite the same as getting frustrated waiting to be put on a loading bay at a DC.

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Battling against trying conditions is the name of the game in Siberia and these truckies go through some unbelievable roads to get the job done. Rather them than me, but look out for the tracked truck, it looks very useful.

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