There is Nothing Quite Like a V8 Truck

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If these videos prove anything at all, then they clearly indicate, there is nothing like a V8 truck. That sound is unmistakeable and loved by so many in the industry.

Unfortunately, we are going to be living through the end of the V8 as a viable power source for trucks. The V8 diesel engine and its deep pulsing throb are going to be consigned to enthusiast’s nostalgic meet ups and not running regularly.

We know that zero emissions requirements are going to change the trucks we drive and the way they sound. The trucks of the future are likely to be extremely quiet in comparison to these beauties.

The iconic V8 Mack engine disappeared during the nineties, although there are still plenty of examples hitting our roads. The V8 engine in the Mercedes Benz range disappeared with the arrival of Daimler’s global engine platform.

However, there is still a V8 engine available on trucks today, the Scania is still powered by a V8 at the top of the range, but for how long? As there will be with the V8 Mack, the Scania V8 will be a staple at truck shows all over Europe for many years to come, but not on the highways.

Is there any hope of still hearing that unmistakeable engine note on our highways? There is a lot of talk about zero emission internal combustion engines (ICE), fuelled by hydrogen in the future. There are no examples running around on our roads, but they are not going to sound anything like these V8 models.

The ICE powered by gas has a much softer engine note than its diesel equivalent, judging by the LNG powered trucks we have seen on our highways. Even if the ICE does survive, the chances of a truck manufacturer coming up with a V8 version are virtually zero.

So what’s the alternative for those of us who love that sound? Simply, get the electronic whizz kids who build our sound systems to create a real V8 diesel noise and play it through the cabin speakers, with the engine note varying with the driver’s accelerator pedal position. It won’t sound much outside, but at least the driver can dream!


there is nothing like a V8 truck

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