The TRW Brake Pad Line Up

the TRW brake pad line up

Available through ZF Services Australia, the TRW brake pad line up sets a new standard for commercial vehicle braking, with an expert range transforming the premium end of the replacement aftermarket.

With a reputation earned through 100 years of OE quality components across the automotive spectrum, ZF’s current TRW offering, features a selection of commercial vehicle brake pads, suitable for most popular makes of truck, bus and trailer.

“ZF Aftermarket with its TRW product brand has developed a worldwide  top-flight reputation for their superior braking products, recently we have expanded our offering within passenger car with all applications finding favour with local workshops,” said Steve Borg, Business Development Manager for TRW.

“TRW’s intimate knowledge of the field results in braking components that not only show the way in terms of safety, but also for ease of installation by technicians.

“With the input of 6,000 experts, engineers and designers worldwide, TRW brake pads are formulated with advanced friction materials for improved efficiency, which results in a product that has been verified in independent tests to outperform comparable OE parts.

“For workshops, TRW brake pads from ZF Aftermarket come complete with all necessary accessories and instructions in the one kit for quick and simple installation.

“What’s more, the disc pads are fully compatible with the latest anti-lock braking systems, where applicable.”

 the TRW brake pad line up

Since brake discs started to supersede drum brakes in the commercial vehicle market during the 1980s, TRW has been at the forefront of developing specialist products that lead the replacement parts aftermarket.

For instance, the patented backing plates specific to the heavy vehicle market produced in-house by TRW, resulting in significant improvements in the shear and material contraction properties of the pads.

Years of expert input has seen friction materials developed that have a high resistance to brake fade, while also featuring the ability to recover quickly when wet, at the same time providing the driver braking force that is consistently proportional to the pressure applied on the pedal.

Much of the research and development comes off the back of extensive product testing, with three key areas focussed on, including high performance testing of bedding-in behaviour and brake fade, alpine simulations on long downhill sections, and dynamometer testing in conjunction with benchmarking to the ECE R90 homologation standard.

Via independent analysis carried out by leading German applied research organisation, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, ZF’s TRW products proved to outlast the competition in extreme conditions, including OE products.

TRW brake pads produced using Powder Adhesive Technology, which bonds the pad to the carrier plate without the use of solvent-based adhesives.

By using powder, a total of 150 tonnes of solvents are eliminated from the manufacturing process each year, a process which earned ZF the Partslife environmental award for 2019. 

To find the TRW brake pad kit from ZF Aftermarket that is ideal for your application, check out the TRW website with the range complimented by all necessary consumables, including fluids, greases and brake cleaning products.

 the TRW brake pad line up