The Sweet Spot: A Hot Tip For Operational Efficiency

the sweet spot: a hot tip for operational efficiency

With economic recovery a key focus for the latter months of 2020, many businesses will be looking for the sweet spot: a hot tip for operational efficiency, examining opportunities to maximise operational potential, while getting back to business. 


In an ever-competitive truck market, selecting equipment that is specifically designed for the application at hand, and which can be put to work without hesitation, is critically important for buyers.

The Challenge 

At this point in time, a large portion of those buyers are plying their wares in the trade and construction industry. The effects of the pandemic have placed renewed demand on this sector, with many participants taking advantage of government stimulus measures and choosing to ‘pull the trigger’ on upgraded equipment. 

Challenges in this rugged application are common across the country. Payload, manoeuvrability, and access key amongst them. 

The lion’s share of construction and trade work takes place in our densely populated cities and built areas. Margins are shrinking, sites are getting tighter and tighter, and the call for efficiencies on all these fronts is ever-growing. 

Purchasing a truck is a significant investment in time and money for business owners, so ticking the box on the aforementioned items is a ground level requirement. Above all, the equipment must be fit-for-purpose.

the sweet spot: a hot tip for operational efficiency

The Solution

When looking for the sweet spot: a hot tip for operational efficiency, Isuzu Trucks has long recognised the need for a light-duty, factory backed tipper with increased payload capacity and improved manoeuvrability.

The recent introduction of the NMR 60/45-150 Tipper and NMR 60/45-150 Tri-Tipper to the market is a timely response this growing market demand. Both variants are available with a Torque Converter Automated Manual Transmission (TC-AMT) or a manual transmission, offering complete flexibility and driver access.

Critically, the NMR 60-150 Tipper and Tri-Tipper models offer operators additional payload, whilst preserving an efficient, compact footprint.

Purposefully designed with compact dimensions, the NMR Tipper and Tri-Tipper models allow for the navigation of cramped construction sites and material yards, with operators also gaining the benefits of increased payload and the resultant operational efficiency.

Isuzu’s ECE-R29 compliant narrow-cab design delivers attentive ergonomics, including class-leading frontal and peripheral visibility and a complete safety suite, including driver/ passenger airbags with seatbelt pretensioners. The models also include Isuzu’s Electronic Stability Control (IESC), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Anti-Skid Regulator (ASR) and Hill-Start Assist (HSA) for manual models.

The NMR Tipper and Tri-Tipper models feature a high-quality, Shinmaywa-built steel tipping body with cubic capacity of 2.0 m3, while the innovative Tri-Tipper variant has the capacity to tip the load to the rear, left or right. 

Isuzu Tippers and Tri-Tipper bodies also come standard with an array of features, including rope rails, non-slip side steps and an auto-release body lockdown hook and two-way tailgate. The truck and tipper body, along with all genuine OEM and Isuzu parts and componentry, are covered by the brand’s 3-year warranty*. 

Operational advantages

The NMR Tipper and Tri-Tipper models are available in two GVM ratings—6,000 kg and a 4,500 kg option for car license drivers. 

Powered by the 4JJ1-TCS Isuzu engine, rated at 150 PS (110 kW) @ 2,800 rpm and 375 Nm @ 1,600 – 2,800 rpm, both the NMR Tipper and Tri-Tipper offer a combination of performance and economy.

NMR Tipper and Tri-Tipper models are available with Isuzu’s Torque-Converter Automated Manual Transmission (TC-AMT), further enhancing durability and parts longevity.

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