THE RIGHT CONNECTIONS | Transport News -JOST shows the scope of its range at the IAA Expo

JOST shows the scope of its range at the IAA Expo.

The glitz and glamour of the latest trucks on display can produce an exciting and energetic display of enthusiasm on the part of sales staff, eager to explain the finer points of the latest vehicle.  But enthusiasm is not just confined to shiny sheet metal, as PowerTorque discovered when visiting the JOST display of fifth wheels, steerable trailer axles, landing legs and other truck and trailer components.

JOST covers a range of products that include ROCKINGER, TRIDEC and EDBRO. Martin Richter, manager of aftersales service and testing for JOST Germany, was our host for a trip through the company’s world of technology. He proved every bit as enthusiastic about kingpins, fifth wheels and other components as his counterparts selling exotic prime movers.

Selecting the correct kingpin assembly for a specific application has developed into an area requiring specialist knowledge, with a range of designs providing different benefits to suit a variety of applications. It should be noted, however, that some of the product range described is not necessarily available in the Australian market.

The cast JSK 34 fifth wheel coupling is suitable for two-inch kingpins and can reduce the system weight by up to 40 kilograms. It features a newly-developed hybrid bearing to increase driving comfort and service life, while also reducing the dynamic load on the vehicle’s frame. This type of bearing combines the robustness and shock-absorbing performance of a rubber bearing with the frame-friendly properties of a plastic bearing.

From the second quarter of 2019, the ultralight JSK 34 fifth wheel coupling will be available with sensors. Demand for sensor units on fifth wheels is increasing – particularly for tankers, silo trucks or vehicles carrying hazardous goods, Martin Richter said.

“There are three sensors – the first covering kingpin engagement, the second reinforcing the security of the locking system, and the third confirming the correct position of the skid plate to inform the driver the air suspension is at the right height,” he said.

“All this information is mirrored in the dashboard display. The skid plates are made of plastic and don’t need grease, but you can use grease if you wish. Non-greased skid plates currently hold about 15 percent of the European market”.

In the landing gears segment, JOST’s Modul series landing gears all feature the patented drive, which is optimally protected due to its internal design, requires no maintenance and offers many other advantages during operation.

The large lift achieved by a single turn of the crank, with a low cranking force, makes operation easy and convenient, while switching between high and low gears is quick, easy and safe. The modular design also gives a variety of versions with different mounting and bolting heights, cranks, connection shaft lengths, and foot types.

The newest member of the Modul series, the OPTIMA, made its debut at IAA and is a good solution for long-distance transport applications. Based on the highly reliable Modul components, it offers a higher payload and thus higher trailer efficiency thanks to its low weight. It is available in all three plate positions and four different mounting heights, and conforms with the market-standard mounting dimensions. The landing gear will be available from the second quarter of 2019.

The Modul B’s class-leading landing gear can be designed according to customer-specific requirements, and is available with four different foot types and six mounting heights, offering a significant increase in lifting capacity compared to similar products. Additional reinforcements – for example, on the shaft – ensure an increased resistance to lateral force, such as when loading with forklifts, onto trains or ferries. A reduced number of different types, thanks to a modular system and an extensive range of spare parts, guarantee the highest flexibility in the spare parts business.

JOST’s lightweight Modul CA aluminium landing gear is for use in especially weight-sensitive vehicles, such as tankers and silo vehicles. At 57.5 kg per set, it is the lightest landing gear in its class. The Modul CS products are ideal for silo trucks as they require stabilising landing gears in the rear for support during unloading. Tank and silo vehicles with low superstructures are perfect candidates for the Modul CT, as its connection shaft has been moved downwards.

The Modul CB is designed to be operated from both sides and can be used by two people at the same time, or just from either the left or right side, as dictated where space is limited when the trailer is parked. Featuring compact landing gears with large ground clearance, the Modul CC is useful for supporting the rear of the truck during loading with a fork-lift. JOST also offers the Modul CD drawbar jack with optional pivot bearing for use on central axle trailers and dollies.

With its Modul CF, JOST has added a drop leg with telescopic lift and great ground clearance to its product range. Modul CH is a heavy-duty landing gear for special loads. Modul CI offers a solution for special constructions such as semi-trailers with exterior frames or self-supporting superstructures. Last, but not least, with its Modul CW and Modul CY, JOST also offers landing gears for trailers in RoRo (roll on/roll off) transport that feature rollers instead of a foot. Modul CY is the heavy-duty version. 

For those seeking powered landing leg options, the Modul E-Drive is particularly useful when access to the landing gear is restricted and the trailer needs to be coupled or decoupled frequently. Operated at the touch of a button, the Modul E-Drive also shuts down automatically in the event of ground contact, or when the landing gear is fully retracted. Differences in height between the trailer and the tractor can be compensated using the vehicle’s pneumatic suspension or manual cranking in a low gear.

For those operating skel trailers or demountable bodies, JOST has the force-assisted twist lock Easy Lift. This height-adjustable lock connects the swap body with the truck. Height-adjustment is necessary when the truck’s pneumatic suspension cannot reach the required lift height to attach the swap body.

Moving on to the JOST axle line-up, and all JOST trailer axles from the DCA series are available with the new JOST DCA-T7 disc brake assemblies. With its twin tappet technology, the benefits for the operator include shorter braking distances and an increase in vehicle safety.

Where trailer access problems can eventuate, JOST can offer the DCA STEERMASTER trailer steering axle. Able to be combined with all other DCA axles, the DCA STEERMASTER provides a steering angle of 21 degrees to improve manoeuvrability, reduce tyre wear and lower fuel consumption.

Tyre inflation systems provide significant operator benefits by enabling optimised tyre pressures, in turn reducing tyre wear and fuel consumption. The easy-to-assemble JOST Plug & Play solution for tyre inflation systems guarantees a fast installation with no additional conversion effort for all common trailer types, and is compatible with all common control systems.

The DCA AIRMASTER is a unique axle where the axle beam also simultaneously functions as a compressed air reservoir for both the brake system and air suspension.

With a compressed air reservoir capacity of 40 litres per axle, it replaces the usual compressed air chambers on a semi-trailer, resulting in weight savings of up to 50 kg.

The two separate air circuits store pressurised air for both the brake system and the air suspension in the axle beam, and can also link through the JOST Plug & Play option to the tyre inflation system. The DCA AIRMASTER can be used in all common vehicle types and is also available with a brake pad wear indicator.

The JOST Twin Lift system can raise all rigid axles from the DCA series safely and reliably, and is available in series production or as a retrofit solution.

Readers of German trade magazines once again named ROCKINGER the “Best Brand” in the towing hitches category for the 14th consecutive year. Alongside many other safety features, ROCKINGER developed the drawbar turn angle warning system with a display in the driver’s cabin to provide reliable protection from shunting damage to couplings, drawbars and the rear of the vehicle.

The RO50E tow hitch employs the original ROCKINGER release lever principle, meaning gentle coupling is possible even at difficult drawbar eye angles. The hitch does not close until the drawbar eye is fully retracted in the funnel.

The proven ROCKINGER release lever principle prevents incorrect coupling caused by the locking process being triggered too early or by jerky coupling, as is necessary when using a standard pin lifting system.

All ROCKINGER towing hitches can be retrofitted with a wide variety of options for remote displays and remote controls and are available with a sensor coupling, equipped with a remote display and pivoting angle warning display.

The second generation of the “Piff Paff” pneumatic remote operation is also new. It is controlled via the DUOMATIC connection to the truck’s brake hose. The opening procedure is easy and safe, as the air supply is only available when the trailer brake line is not connected to the tractor and the trailer is securely braked via the spring-loaded cylinder. The driver can safely decouple a truck and rigid drawbar trailer combination, even if it is under load.

ROCKINGER also offers a camera integrated in a central position in the bumper guard, enabling the driver to see the exact position of the drawbar eye and engage the coupling in a targeted manner. The hitch is also equipped with the LubeTronic AK lubrication system, which automatically supplies it with oil to keep the grease in the hitch lithe. Once activated, a lubrication cartridge lasts for up to 18 months.

New from ROCKINGER is the RO430 comfort coupling. This towing hitch for 40-millimetre drawbar eyes is not only slack-free, it is also equipped with rubber suspension and hydraulic shock absorption that reduces impact stress during coupling. It’s also available with an electro-pneumatic remote control from the vehicle cab. ROCKINGER is the only manufacturer to offer the comfort coupling in a 50 mm version.

Finally, for those seeking options for trailer manoeuvrability, it’s worth evaluating the alternatives for controlling the angle of the rear self-steering axles., through using the EDEC or TRIDEC options.

“We can offer a purely mechanical link, but we do have the option of an electrically controlled steering system or a hydraulic system which is controlled by an operator walking alongside the trailer to control it during access difficulties,” Martin Richter said.

“A sensor mounts inside the block of the fifth wheel and reacts to energise a rod that in turn moves the rear axle. In the electronic version, the kingpin has a hole through it, in which sits a sensor that detects the angle between the prime mover and the trailer and then moves the angle of the wheels on the rear axle”.

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