The Potential for Accidents to Occur 

the potential for accidents to occur

The combination of heavy vehicles, light vehicles, caravans and bikes together on our roads comes with the potential for accidents to occur at an increasing rate. So, it’s important that we all make safety a priority whenever so we can ensure everyone travelling on our roads returns home safely.

This is why the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator is working with other and coming up with campaigns like these”

Don’t #uck With A Truck

The Don’t #uck With A Truck campaign is designed to improve young drivers’ awareness about how to drive safely around trucks.

It aims to educate L and P licence holders about how to safely share the road when trucks are turning, stopping and how to overtake a truck.

Don’t #uck With A Truck was launched in January 2022 and appears online on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube.

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the potential for accidents to occur

We Need Space

We Need Space provides simple tips on how light vehicle drivers can safely share the road with trucks. 

The campaign is spearheaded by former Supercars star Garth Tander and provides educational resources and videos for light vehicle drivers about how to avoid truck blind spots, overtake a truck safely and overtake a turning truck.

In 2021, we partnered with Coles and its supply chain partners Toll and Linfox to promote the campaign, branding their trailers with the We Need Space messages. 

For more information and to share the We Need Space resources 

the potential for accidents to occur

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