The Hino 700 Dripfeed Continues

the Hino 700 dripfeed continues

With small snippets of information about the new model on its way, the Hino 700 dripfeed continues with another release this week which proves to be a bit of a poser for those who know the Hino range.

“The all-new Hino 700 Series will boast the most comprehensive safety package ever offered in a Hino truck for the Australian market,” says the release published this week. “The all-new 700 Series models will feature a Pre-Collision System with Autonomous Emergency Braking, Vehicle Stability Control, LED Headlamps and Daytime Running Lamps plus a suite of additional safety features.”

The release goes on to describe ‘a comprehensive safety package, Hino SmartSafe, features driver-assist technology which takes an active focus on protecting the lives of drivers, passengers and other road users’.

the Hino 700 dripfeed continues

The question which comes to mind is just which of these ‘additional features’ makes this new 700 Series model different from the rest of the Hino range. In the past few years this safety suite has made its way across all of the smaller Hino models. 

We saw the 300 Series arrive with the Pre-Collision System, where if the driver doesn’t respond, the truck can brake autonomously in a dangerous situation. There’s also pedestrian detection in the same system. Add to this stability control and lane departure warning and there is already a comprehensive package.

When the standard cab and wide cab 500 Series arrived the safety systems also offered Safety Eye and Autonomous Emergency Braking. Then there was Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), alongside all of those systems offered in the 300.

The question is what else can the Japanese truck maker offer to make the safety systems even more comprehensive. The Hino 700 dripfeed continues until the truck finally gets unveiled in June.

“It will answer a lot of the major safety issues that confront the transport industry and other road users with the implementation of advanced driver assist technology, Hino SmartSafe,” said Daniel Petrovski, Manager of Product Strategy for Hino Australia. 

the Hino 700 dripfeed continues