The Geotab Platform

the Geotab platform

It is a new name in the Australian telematics market but, in fact, the Geotab platform has been around for over 15 years, and most of that time in Australia, but not under the corporate name. In the past, Geotab equipment was sold by a reseller in this market. The company has now decided to change tack and participate in the market as Geotab

There are now people on the ground in Australia designing and distributing Geotab telematics systems, as it goes through the process of increasing the awareness of the Geotab brand itself.

The Geotab device is relatively small, when fitted into a truck it can be connected to a wide range of systems, plus the vehicle CANbus and other ancillary monitoring devices which may already be on the truck. This can also include satellite connection if required.

One of the interesting aspects of this device is that it has been developed using an open platform. This means that other suppliers can develop apps to run on the Geotab system. This leads to an operator being able get highly customised data out of the system for use elsewhere in the business. It can also enable the system to use developed apps to connect to various devices which the operator chooses to have fitted to the truck.

The Geotab Marketplace works like an app store where customers can source useful items to be used on the system. Customers are using these apps to work on specific engine diagnostics, there are also interfaces with components like Alison transmissions and Cummins engines available.

The strength of the system is the fact that it is not generic but, instead, configurable specifically for a particular truck or a particular operation. It is also possible to add further functionality on as new apps become available or have been commissioned by the operator.

Solution Engineers are available to work with clients on developing unique applications to be used on the platform. Applications which have been developed include concepts like very specific customers interactive journey plans for operators. The attitude is of a collaborative approach to enable the system to better integrate with the clients processes and systems.

The word platform is an appropriate one, Geotab does not see itself as a complete solution to all needs but instead as an efficient platform onto which can be built the kinds of information structures and data-processing that an operator may need in order to improve productivity or safety.

The overall philosophy around the product is that the eventual aim of the Geotab product is to become like the operating system within the truck or the hub through which data used around the vehicle and around the business can be channelled.

All of the data from the systems go into a cloud-based platform called My Geotab. This platform can supply standard reports, but also has the functionality to create customised reports specifically aimed at particular parts of the business.

The Geotab system has recently finished a project involving integrating with SAP, which a lot of businesses use within their enterprise. In fact, the SAP system works on a similar principle to the Geotab system in that it is a platform on which unique customised business systems can be developed for and by the customer.

the Geotab platform